• What is the effect of the Coronavirus on American Businesses?

    What is the effect of the Coronavirus on American Businesses?

    This Pandemic disease Coronavirus orCOVID-19 may have disruptive effects on the economy. Disruption in the global supply of goods makes harder for the U.S to match the orders. Lockdown of a worker in many affected areas reduces the labor supply which results in delaying the demand for U.S products and services.The economic disruptions and increased uncertainty by COVID-19 can be seen in lower valuations and increased volatility in the financial markets. Although the exact effect caused by the COVID-19 on the U.S. economy is unknown, But it is clear that it leads to tremendous risks.Disruptions in the Supply chain makes difficult for... Read More

  • How well Prepares are Countries for a COVID-19 Pandemic?

    How well Prepares are Countries for a COVID-19 Pandemic?

    No country is fully prepared for acoronavirus pandemicas it was an uncertain thing that happened to the globe. The World Health Organization has declared the coronavirus, or COVID-19, a pandemic. Some countries will be better to handle the outbreak than others.Coronavirus is now spreading in several countries and affecting the Economy and above all lives throughout the globe. In some countries, the virus is affecting lives tremendously then other countries and it totally depends on how actively the countermeasures are implemented and informed by the government to the residents and on how prepared the country is. No vaccine is developed... Read More

  • Which Business Industries are most affected by the Coronavirus?

    Which Business Industries are most affected by the Coronavirus?

    COVID-19is just like an ancient plague.The Novel Coronavirus, which has been designated a global pandemic by theWorld Health Organization (WHO), If this trend continues it will cost the global economy $2.7 trillion and put a devastating impact on the U.S. economy.Industries where chances of a grouping of over 50 people are most exposed to major upheaval as a result of this Pandemic. Millions of jobs in these industries could either be lost or severely impacted by the outbreak.While all industries have been affected bythe COVID-19 pandemic, some bear the brunt of the downturn much more than others.Airlines:As international... Read More

  • Guidance for Preparing the Workplace for Coronavirus (COVID-19)

    Guidance for Preparing the Workplace for Coronavirus (COVID-19)

    Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) is a respiratory disease caused by the SARS-CoV-2 virus. It started from China and now becomes a global concern that is taking away many lives throughout the Globe. Everyone must pay attention and follow to what government and health agencies are guiding. As we know that as of now there is no medicine prepared against this Virus so it is better to follow what intrusions are given to be safe.COVID-19is affecting the world in many ways and above all is affecting the lives and Economy of the countries. A countermeasure lockdown is announced across many countries to save the life of people and stop this... Read More

  • CA Supreme Court Publishes ‘Hours Worked’ Decision

    CA Supreme Court Publishes ‘Hours Worked’ Decision

    The California Supreme Court recently came to a unanimous decision that an employer must compensate his/her employees for the time spent on the employer’s premises waiting for, and undergoing, the obligated exit searches of packages, bags, or personal technology devices.The Court made it clear that this time is compensable since the employees are under the employer’s governance, and the searches done are for the employer’s benefit. The Court came to this conclusion putting into place the California law, and the same result would not inevitably be reached under the FLSA.As an employee, as per this decision, you need... Read More

  • IRC Section 181 is Back!

    IRC Section 181 is Back!

    As quickly as the movie stars posed for the cameras at the Oscars, the Congress approved the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (“TCJA”) and left 90% of taxpayers holding the bag in some low-income areas.However, unlike in ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,’ taxpayers cannot do a reshoot if the first take is not outstanding. After almost two years, Congress may again decide to approve additional legislation within the 48-hour period, which may throw light on some of the issues that have arisen in Hollywood since the TCJA.What Is It About?If you have been following the spiel of the Section 181 Film Tax Deduction, you know that it expired at the... Read More