• Holiday Pay – How to Draft a Perfect Holiday Pay Plan

    Holiday Pay – How to Draft a Perfect Holiday Pay Plan

    Sometimes employees take time off from work, this might be due to various legitimate reasons, but they still have to get paid. As an employer, you need to come up with a sound measure of dealing with holidays at your business. Whether you are an employer or manager, here are some needs to know policies before drafting a holiday pay plan.Exempt employeesExempt employees are paid on a salaried or fee basis. The law requires that these employees are paid their regular salaries without interruption for business closure that extends less than one full week. Exempt employees should also not experience any disruption in their wages for holiday... Read More

  • How to Avoid Pay Disparity

    How to Avoid Pay Disparity

    Gender pay gap has been a significant problem in most firms, and it is only fair to face it head on since everyone deserves quality pay for jobs they perform. Sometimes the gender gap can be seen manifesting itself in the whole economy. This is mostly possible when women are far less likely to have lucrative professional careers as well as advancements to senior positions. Here are common errors which cause pay discrimination and how to avoid pay disparity as well as how to avoid major pitfalls.Common errors which cause pay discriminationNegotiation – women, have to do more negotiations to get what they want and hence reduce the pay gap.... Read More

  • Best Practice: Tracking of Increased Construction Costs for Proving Claims

    Best Practice: Tracking of Increased Construction Costs for Proving Claims

    Record keeping is one of the most important activity in any work in progress. They are important tools in the decision-making process. One is able to track the flow of resources, manage the business and maintain the business course. It is important to note that in execution of a construction project, documentation is an indispensable tool for the managers and other participants.Best Practices1.Reviewing cost codesOrganizations have distinct ways of tracking their expenses. Having codes makes tracking operations easy. However, in other companies, there are numerous cost codes with numerous granular details that they use for the same... Read More

  • Best Practices in Food Industry Supply Chain

    Best Practices in Food Industry Supply Chain

    As food moves through the supply chain from its raw form to the final product, value is added. The supply chain includes, transformers, vendors and customers. Having strict measures for food manufacturing and supply make it difficult for supply chain managers and makes cooperation between the customers, vendors and manufacturers more critical. This is the reason why it is important to understand the current trends and recommendable activities being applied by the companies to enhance this chain.Current TrendsThe end goal of supply chain management is allowing each member involved in it to achieve efficient management of the inventory as... Read More

  • Delay Damages in Construction Industry

    Delay Damages in Construction Industry

    Construction projects have a habit of dragging on beyond the set due date. While some people might view this as the norm, you need to keep in mind that the longer the project runs, the more money is spent. This means that in most cases the funds used for the actual a construction project surpass what was put down in the budget by far. The delays associated with construction fall into various categories. However, they can easily be summed up as excusable, non-excusable, concurrent, compensable, and critical and non-critical delays. The group a delay will fall into will depend on the responsible party, the effect the delay has on the timeline,... Read More

  • Productivity Loss Analysis

    Productivity Loss Analysis

    It is not enough to be just a job keeper and not perform. Waiting to get a paycheque should be a reward. The place of work should be driven by the efficiency that is seen in the achievement of the workers. Tangible results for the organization should be the reward for the employees. Productivity measures help in evaluating trends in technological improvements, wage levels and labor growth.ProductivityEverybody has a contribution to the economy either directly or indirectly. In this case, when somebody takes some time off from their work, they lose part of their income which is also translated in the economy due to lack of their input.  It... Read More