• Restorative Justice in Education

    Restorative Justice in Education

    There are many school management terms floating around in the education space. Restorative Justice is, however, one of the most prominent and important ones. It is defined as “a system of criminal justice that focuses on the rehabilitation of offenders through reconciliation with victims and the community at large.” This sounds like something used in a prison (it is) but that is not its full scope. In a school environment, restorative justice helps a student to accept the responsibility for what they did, make it right for those that were hurt or affected, and involve the community in helping both the victim and the offender. Restorative... Read More

  • Is Peer Pressure Undermining Your Success At Work?

    Is Peer Pressure Undermining Your Success At Work?

    Peer pressure at work is when employees tend to be overwhelmed by the quality or amount of work which is done by other fellow colleagues in the office. Sometimes when certain employees perform better in office, it leaves other co-workers with an inferiority complex. Since the performance of some employees at office work is better as compared to others, the management may start developing an inclination and bias towards them. Hence the other employees feel neglected and sometimes this employee competition has ill effects on the functioning of the team. Sometimes team leaders with bad intentions, tend to take away the credit for a particular... Read More

  • The SHRM Employee Benefits Trends for 2017

    The SHRM Employee Benefits Trends for 2017

    You are running a successful company and you have great employees on board. How do you keep them from quitting and joining another company? Here is where Employee Benefits come in!Business owners should provide some employee benefits so that their business has a chance for long-term prosperity. Heading the list of must-have benefits is medical insurance, a retirement plan, disability insurance and more. Tell an applicant no benefits are offered, and often top-flight candidates will head for the door. When you give employees the benefits they value, they’ll be more satisfied, miss fewer workdays, be less likely to quit, and would be... Read More

  • 2017 Trends for Hiring Managers and Recruiters

    2017 Trends for Hiring Managers and Recruiters

    To get ahead of the pack this year, it is essential to stay on top of emerging trends in the recruiting industry. Both recruiters and candidates will benefit from understanding how the landscape is shifting. The rapidly changing economic and political environment has created some uncertainty across several industries. Yet, while there are some forces we can’t control, we’ve outlined a few things we can expect for the hiring industry below.The Rise of Interactive InterviewsOne-on-one sessions, panels, and other traditional interview formats will still be prevalent. However, more interactive interview styles are rising in popularity that... Read More

  • Global Staffing Trends 2017

    Global Staffing Trends 2017

    The staffing and recruiting industry is the blood line for any workforce. In the past, companies that sought the services of staffing agencies have had a difficult time in finding the right group to serve their needs. With leaps in modern technology and the rise of social media, the staffing and recruiting industry had been able to implement effective strategies to reach their human resource and company goals.Recently, LinkedIn released its annual Global Staffing Trends report for 2017. It is based on 2,000 manager-level and above, search and staffing recruitment professionals from 35 countries. Some of the highlights of the report state... Read More

  • Low Skilled Jobs At High Risk Of Automation Or Being Offshored

    Low Skilled Jobs At High Risk Of Automation Or Being Offshored

    We all knew this day would be coming. A recent research was conducted by the Ball State University in the US, which has indicated that nearly half of all low-skill jobs in the USA are at risk of being offshored or replaced by automation in the next few years. Additionally, this has the potential to displace millions of American workers.The researchers profiled specific regional communities that have experienced negative economic cycles since the end of the recession. The research also found that job growth has been disproportionate and limited to a small number of metropolitan areas.Areas at the highest risk for off-shoring and automation... Read More