• Employee Retention Strategies That You Need To Know

    Employee Retention Strategies That You Need To Know

    An effective employee retention program looks through the team’s point of view. It addresses concerns related to their desires, goals, appreciation for their work and assurance of being paid fairly. It also helps that they are both excited and challenged by their job.  But it also goes beyond the basics. Your efforts should actually start on a new hire’s first day on the job as the training and support you provide from that day sets the tone for the employee’s tenure and the path for job satisfaction.  Here are the key strategies to improve your organization’s employee retention and boost employee... Read More

  • The FDA’s Race To Catch Up With Digital Medicine

    The FDA’s Race To Catch Up With Digital Medicine

    The Food and Drug Administration announced an initiative in June, which would ramp up regulations in the digital health space. The announcement comes close after the 21st Century Cures Act which, among several proposals, starts to outline the role of FDA in overseeing digital health.It further clarified its plans with regard to regulation of digital health technologies in a new blog post last July. The most notable announcement was the new Pre-Cert for Software Pilot Program.The pre-cert program has important inclusion criteria that limit participants to those developing a “software product that meets the definition of a medical... Read More

  • Digitization of Healthcare

    Digitization of Healthcare

    Scientific and technological innovation are at the heart of improving the way doctors treat illness and disease. Long defined by non-interoperable systems and inaccessible data, digitization of healthcare now elevates and innovates data usage and analytics  — which benefits patients, physicians, and hospitals.When it comes to digitization, the healthcare industry is slowly moving forward, across a highly regulated field dealing with massive amounts of sensitive information about patients.One of the most notable efforts in this area has been the more than decade-long push to adopt electronic health records, the digital version of each... Read More

  • Restorative Justice in Education

    Restorative Justice in Education

    There are many school management terms floating around in the education space. Restorative Justice is, however, one of the most prominent and important ones. It is defined as “a system of criminal justice that focuses on the rehabilitation of offenders through reconciliation with victims and the community at large.” This sounds like something used in a prison (it is) but that is not its full scope. In a school environment, restorative justice helps a student to accept the responsibility for what they did, make it right for those that were hurt or affected, and involve the community in helping both the victim and the offender. Restorative... Read More

  • Is Peer Pressure Undermining Your Success At Work?

    Is Peer Pressure Undermining Your Success At Work?

    Peer pressure at work is when employees tend to be overwhelmed by the quality or amount of work which is done by other fellow colleagues in the office. Sometimes when certain employees perform better in office, it leaves other co-workers with an inferiority complex. Since the performance of some employees at office work is better as compared to others, the management may start developing an inclination and bias towards them. Hence the other employees feel neglected and sometimes this employee competition has ill effects on the functioning of the team. Sometimes team leaders with bad intentions, tend to take away the credit for a particular... Read More

  • The SHRM Employee Benefits Trends for 2017

    The SHRM Employee Benefits Trends for 2017

    You are running a successful company and you have great employees on board. How do you keep them from quitting and joining another company? Here is where Employee Benefits come in!Business owners should provide some employee benefits so that their business has a chance for long-term prosperity. Heading the list of must-have benefits is medical insurance, a retirement plan, disability insurance and more. Tell an applicant no benefits are offered, and often top-flight candidates will head for the door. When you give employees the benefits they value, they’ll be more satisfied, miss fewer workdays, be less likely to quit, and would be... Read More