• 6 Strategies To Create A Diverse And Inclusive Workplace For Your Employees

    6 Strategies To Create A Diverse And Inclusive Workplace For Your Employees

    Google was trending in the news recently for creating a new offbeat resource towards inclusive workplaces. Bloomberg reported that its employees have started an informal internal weekly email list aptly named “Yes, at Google” which collects and sends instances of racism, sexism, sexual harassment and other unethical or unlawful activity at the tech company and its parent company Alphabet Inc. Since its inception in last September, the list has been subscribed by at least 20% of the staff at Google and Alphabet. According to a Google Spokesperson, management does know about this but has not halted it because it considers it as a... Read More

  • 6 Tips to Create Honesty in the Workplace for Success

    6 Tips to Create Honesty in the Workplace for Success

    “Honesty is the best policy” is one of the simplest and most renowned of philosophies but as adults, this becomes a much broader concept. It becomes a cultural paradigm covering trust, integrity, ethics and more in the workplace. Creating an environment of honesty and transparency in the workplace will only serve to help your organization succeed while fostering self-accountability and responsibility. The organization’s employees are happier and empowered to step up and fix any workplace issues. When you voice the truth management to employee or vice-versa will help to identify issues and work together as a team to resolve... Read More

  • Why HR is slow to adopt tech and what they can do about it

    Why HR is slow to adopt tech and what they can do about it

    A new HR study has been released by LIMRA, a research, consulting and professional development organization. It has found that a majority of employers ( about 70%) use technology for payroll, but only 24.5% use technology for other HR functions, like education, benefits, and communication. The study polled 1,403 private employers.It’s clear that employers aren’t leveraging the use of technology to the fullest extent possible. One great factor for employers (especially small companies) is the cost involved. We know that technology changes and evolves rapidly and employers need to catch up with said technologies. Employers do provide... Read More

  • Trump Administration’s Impact on American Education

    Trump Administration’s Impact on American Education

    The impact of the current President of the United States and his administration on education is causing a great deal of concern to students, teachers and academics alike. Staying true to his promise of cutting the budget for education, President Trump has followed through on this promise byslashing fundsfor the Education Department by 13.5 percent, or $9.2 billion in his administration’s new “America First” budget.The US’s Education Department comprises 5,000 employees, a $73 billion annual budget, and is responsible for some 98,000 public schools in the country. The proposal budget plan would remove $2.4 billion in grants for teacher... Read More

  • The New Immigration Policies Impacting Students

    The New Immigration Policies Impacting Students

    President Trump’s March 6 Executive Order effectively bans entry into the U.S. for nationals of six Muslim-majority countries — Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. This has received widespread condemnation from higher education organizations and has been temporarily blocked by federal judges. However, there are still provisions in the order that are still in effect.Extreme Vetting: One provision of the order calls for the development of new screening and vetting procedures (the subtext being to prevent entry of terrorists into the country) for “all immigration programs.” According to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), this... Read More

  • HR and Employee Teamwork

    HR and Employee Teamwork

    “Teamwork” can be defined as the collaboration between members of a group of people with the task of accomplishing a defined objective or target. This can be further elaborated as:Collaboration between employees within or between departments, between employees in the entire organization, and between management and lower level employeesEmployee willingness to help each other in the course of performing their job rolescross-functional collaborationvertical and horizontal cooperationWorking together for mutual benefitResearch shows employee collaboration is a goal for most organizations and there are benefits of Employee... Read More