• How to Write Effective Business Emails

    How to Write Effective Business Emails

    Businesses run on emails. More than telephonic conversations, billboards and social media exposure, the driving force behind every successful business out there is still an email. Thanks to the advent of social media, most communication now happens via email only – newsletters, business reports, feedback surveys, promotional considerations and daily work routines as well; everything is going paper-less and being reciprocated via emails.Since many emails are not properly formatted, they tend to create confusion or unintended anger in over 64% of people according to a research by Sendmail. Not only does this kill communication, but also makes... Read More

  • Identifying and Eliminating Toxic Workplace Behaviors

    Identifying and Eliminating Toxic Workplace Behaviors

    All workplaces work on one principle – teamwork. However, in reality, teamwork always takes a major hit when some workers act like buzzkills and hamper team spirit. Termination may seem like an easy solution to eliminate irksome employees, but there are other ways to deal with Toxic Organizational Behavior or TOB.Moreover, have you tried to put thought to the fact as to what really ticks-off a toxic employee?What creates a toxic employee? Workplaces are always imagined to have horrifying and domineering owners, but there is another kind of evil lurking in almost every workplace – employees who exhibit toxic and unappreciative behavior... Read More

  • Drawing the Line during Political Discussions at the Workplace

    Drawing the Line during Political Discussions at the Workplace

    The US presidential election will soon come to a close in November and what a showdown it will be between the Democrats and the Republicans. This election is probably the most talked-about election in the recent time and will continue to be a hot topic long after the election as well.While it is good for your co-workers to stay abreast about what is happening in the country, what should be the course of action when political discussions tend to creep into your workplace and ignite passionate minds?Political Chatter in the WorkplaceWhen it comes to politics, everyone has their own opinion. Sometimes, opinions get flared up by emotions and... Read More

  • Creating and Maintaining Company Culture

    Creating and Maintaining Company Culture

    “Organizational culture is the sum of values and rituals which serve as ‘glue’ to integrate the members of the organization.” — Richard Perrin“It oversimplifies the situation in large organizations to assume that there is only one culture… and it’s risky for new leaders to ignore the sub-cultures.” — Rolf WinklerThe core building block of every company is essentially a human being. Since almost every human being in your workforce contributes towards the running culture in the organization, it becomes essential to brandish your business’s image and values in a positive light to new and old workers alike. In most workplaces exist various... Read More

  • Payroll Mistakes That Cost Your Workplace Serious Money!

    Payroll Mistakes That Cost Your Workplace Serious Money!

    By Edupliance | 28th September, 2016Payroll calculation isn’t as tough as it used to be in older times. Today, with the myriad of payroll software available in the market, payroll calculation becomes a breeze, but miscalculations can always occur due to human error. What lazy and complacent payroll management professionals fail to understand is that one minor calculative error in payroll can bring the IRS knocking on your workplace’s door.Chances are that your business has already encountered many payroll issues when it was too late to realize them. In this article, we have compiled the most common issues in payroll calculation that not... Read More

  • Making Safety Training Sessions Engaging and Not Feel like Punishment

    Making Safety Training Sessions Engaging and Not Feel like Punishment

    By Edupliance | 12th September, 2016If you or some of your co-workers messed up during a critical workplace safety situation, chances are that your entire staff might be sent into a training program to address the shortcomings in your response time.This is where the catch is – different situations demand different trainings, but this does not happen. Not only do employees get bored by attending the same training all over again, this disciplinary action starts to feel like a punishment rather than an important lesson in safety.Why Do Training Exercises Feel Like Punishment To Many Employees?Research has shown that re-training tends to... Read More