• Decision-Making during Turbulent Times

    Decision-Making during Turbulent Times

    By Edupliance | 22nd August, 2016Abraham Lincoln, the former American president, is probably at the epitome as a ‘decision-maker’. He led his decisions like he meant them. However, in today’s world things are way too different. Due to various factors like evolving markets, technology changes, socio-cultural events, etc. challenging decisions are forcing us into deliberation – this is where the problem lies; many employees and company leaders are afraid to assume a leadership role for fear of decisions turning out wrong.Why Is Decision-Making So Stressful At Corporate Levels? Decisions are easy to make when they are not ‘life-deciding’.... Read More

  • Attract High-Quality Candidates with These Hiring Best-Practices

    Attract High-Quality Candidates with These Hiring Best-Practices

    By Edupliance | 8th August, 2016The hiring process is an art – you need the talent to be able to sift through stacks of resumes to find the best possible candidate for the job. But, the question arises, do you really need stacks of resumes to find a suitable employee? Not really.Interviewing and recruitment is part and parcel of the hiring process of a company, however, if done improperly, it can cost the company valuable time and also incur bad hire costs.The Typical Hiring Process – Mundane and OutdatedThe stereotypical hiring process begins with antiquated job descriptions, consulting consultancies, reviewing bucket-loads of resumes,... Read More

  • Steps on How to Curb Gender Bias Due To Performance Reviews

    Steps on How to Curb Gender Bias Due To Performance Reviews

    By Edupliance | 11th July, 2016According to a survey more than 68% of women agreed that gender bias exists in modern workplaces. Gender bias is not a new thing in corporate culture; women have been taking the hit in their careers ever since they stepped-out of just donning their household roles and decided to work in corporate arenas as well. In almost every workplace, there exists a huge gender disparity between female and male workers owing to male-dominated workplaces.Shockingly, the number of female CEOs in the Fortune 500 CEO list is just 22! Women leaders currently hold a dismal 4.4% of the total Fortune 500 CEO roles. This directly... Read More

  • How Employees Can Bring About Positive Changes in Organizational Culture

    How Employees Can Bring About Positive Changes in Organizational Culture

    By Edupliance | 13th June, 2016At the heart of each workplace, the basic building block is always the same – an employee.Employees should be encouraged to look forward to working every day in the company, not just because it’s their job, but because they love being there! Many business owners and entrepreneurs fail to estimate the power of a positive work environment which can be detrimental to success.So, What Exactly Is Organizational Culture?In short, organizational culture is the image of a brand or organization that it portrays to current and future employees. This culture stems from the core values, attitudes, mission and vision... Read More

  • Coach your staff and earn due respect at your workplace.

    Coach your staff and earn due respect at your workplace.

    By Edupliance | 6th May, 2016Have you recently been conferred with a managerial position at your workplace or are you a veteran manager at your business? Do you struggle to get the respect your position deserves?You are not alone! There are many managers who do not get the respect their position commands from their colleagues and subordinates. Do not get worried, there are slight changes you need to make in your attitude and soon you will be earning respect the way it is meant to be.How to Earn Respect without Bossing Your Staff? First of all, if you lack leadership skills, there is lots of scope to improve. Remember, this position has... Read More

  • Mental Illness – The Silent Killer!

    Mental Illness – The Silent Killer!

    By Edupliance | 22nd April, 2016Mental illness is a neurological condition, which causes a disorder in a person’s normal way of thinking or behavior.Many people around us, generally 1 in every 4 people are undergoing some kind of mental stress due to abuse, trauma or inherent disabilities. Some cases are:Affective disordersDementia and deliriumPsychotic disordersAlcohol and substance misuseAnxiety and somatoform disordersPersonality disordersSleep, eating and sexual disordersDue to such issues, they tend to get abusive, violent and can react abruptly to normal situations as well, disrupting peace around them and creating an... Read More