• Implementation of New Food Processing Technologies

    Implementation of New Food Processing Technologies

    Challenges in Implementing Food ProcessingTechnologiesFrom eras where food was sun dried and smoked to modern ways of food processing it can be agreed upon that the industry has come a long way. With the advancement of technology there are numerous viable food processing technologies that are coming up and are highly competitive. With all these up and coming food processing technologies the implementation of the same proves difficult.In the implementation of new and improved foodprocessing technologies there are a number of challenges that may be faced.These include;Low consumer acceptance and rejectionThischallenge is... Read More

  • Benefits of a Positive Leadership Style

    Benefits of a Positive Leadership Style

    There are various roles that need to be played by a leader in any organization. A leader has very key roles that he or she has to oversee for the general running of the organization. Leadership styles were instituted to aid in the running of businesses and organizations. Effective leadership affects the whole business, company or organization. It is, therefore, clear that the type of leadership style implemented affects the whole organization.Ways in Which a Positive Leadership Style Benefits an OrganizationVarying leadership styles base their principles on certain issues. A certain leadership style may be directed at achieving employee... Read More

  • Planning and Scheduling as Components of Construction Management

    Planning and Scheduling as Components of Construction Management

    The construction process is multi-staged. There are various stages that make up the whole project. In most cases the construction process is a constitution of many moreindividual activities that are all necessary for the accomplishment of theproject. Since a construction project is essential there is need for properplanning and scheduling to be carried out before embarking on the project.What is Planning and Scheduling?Planning is thesingle most basic crucial part of the project. A construction project needsappropriate planning because it involves developing logical plans as to how theconstruction will be carried out, creating... Read More

  • How to successfully carry out Reverse Mentoring

    How to successfully carry out Reverse Mentoring

    With the huge number of retirements, it is evident that there will soon be empty positions in most companies and businesses. The notion of reverse mentoring is one of the most effective ways that has been implemented to deal with the issue. Reverse mentoring simply means that instead of the normal mentoring where the elderly are instructing the young, the young now instruct the elderly.Reverse mentoring, if used appropriately can bring about a number of benefits including impacting enough information in the young ones for them to take up senior positions in the future. Millennials, who have been regarded as not as driven as the rest of the... Read More

  • Factors Influencing Student Performance

    Factors Influencing Student Performance

    Academic performance is something that every student pursues. How a student performance affects how their life will turn out. Student performance at high school level is a strong determinant for whether the student will go to college or not. Student performance at the college level is a strong determinant of the type of job that the student will get. It is clear that student performance determines very many aspects of a student’s life.The performance of a student is motivated by numerous factors. From factors such as the promise of a reward to supportive parents and teachers and even a conducive environment. All these factors affect the... Read More

  • The Value of Compensation Salary Systems

    The Value of Compensation Salary Systems

    The aim of every employer is to have quality employees and to keep them for as long as possible. It has become very easy for employees to be poached to other companies and firms. It is, therefore, advisable for employers to ensure that they sweeten their employment packages to avoid this. Compensation salary systems are very essential in maintaining employees. Employees are attracted and willed to stay by what is included in their compensation salary packets.Compensation salary systems include the salary, equity, bonuses, benefits, and other non-financial compensations. It is also important for the concerned parties to design a system that... Read More