• How Online Learning Is Beneficial

    How Online Learning Is Beneficial

    Online learning has solved very many problems that the traditional form of education presented. Online learning has been spreading fast with the increased use of the internet. Certain disadvantages discourage people from taking up online courses. Issues such as the value placed on an online degree being less than that of a person that attended traditional college bring about a negative attitude to online learning.There are certain stereotypes that have been related to people who prefer online education. The most famous of them being laziness. All this is, however, not true. There are very many positive impacts that come about from online... Read More

  • Guidance Issued on Employee Expense Reimbursement

    Guidance Issued on Employee Expense Reimbursement

    It is possible for employers to reimburse their employees for out of pocket expenses incurred on a tax-free basis, as long as the rules of an Accountable Plan are met. Furthermore, it is required that the reimbursement must have a business connection, this implies that allowances, advances, or reimbursements in the plan are restricted to expenses that qualify as business expenses. All this is under the code and that an employee pays or incurs in connection with the employee’s performing services for the employer. Also, employees’ reimbursed expenses are to be substantiated by the employees and any excess amounts paid are to be returned to... Read More

  • Impact of Genetically Modified Food on Health

    Impact of Genetically Modified Food on Health

    Genetically modified foods have been around since the 1990’s, it started out small but towards and after 2006 it was practiced in a lot of countries. So far different people have different opinions on genetically modified food where some are in favor of it while others against it.Organic farming groups and activists have been concerned about what genetically modified foods mean for our health and the organic market. Even though there has been little evidence of an effect of GM food, we are still unaware of what the long-term effects will be.As mentioned earlier peoples opinion on genetically modified food is still ambivalent. Numerous... Read More

  • Challenges of the Global Village in Business

    Challenges of the Global Village in Business

    The phrase “the world is a global village” describes the technological advancements and how the world is now interconnected to resemble one tiny village. The business industry has taken advantage of this concept to promote itself. Where previously a business could only be run by individuals in the same location, advancements in communication and technology have enabled a business to be run by a global workforce.The world being a global village has enabled employers to fish the best employees from different regions to get the best results for their businesses. A company or business with a global workforce has increased opportunities since... Read More

  • Elements of cost Overruns, Delays, and Risk involved in Construction Management

    Elements of cost Overruns, Delays, and Risk involved in Construction Management

    Within any given country, the construction industry is of great significance. It makes certain that people have access to homes, roads, and other important structures that are important for the survival of humanity. As such, construction management as a whole ought to be considered an important factor within any given country, requiring a certain degree of seriousness and approach.With that perspective, one also ought to consider factors that may hinder the effective operation within construction management. Take for instance a construction site that was supposed to be completed within a given period but because of one factor or another, it... Read More

  • Effects of Food Packaging material on the Environment

    Effects of Food Packaging material on the Environment

    Food packaging plays a primary role in ensuring safety in the food supply. Advanced in food processing and packaging are drastically increasing to ensure that food safety standards are met. Packaging maintains the benefits of food processing after the process is complete, and without causing harmful effects to people who consume the food. It also allows food to move from the point of production to the point of consumption while it remains intact despite the long busy distance. In other scenarios, food processing industries use packaging as a tool of marketing operation. The packages are used to brand the firm or advertise it in some way.... Read More