• Support employees to achieve better work balance

    Support employees to achieve better work balance

    This commonly used phrase is meant to emphasize the need for relaxation that later translates to better work output as Jack sits in a class. On the same line of thought it would be unrealistic to expect employees to provide their best in terms of work output while disregarding their home situations entirely. It is indeed true that the work place isn’t the most appropriate place to air one’s dirty laundry but feigning ignorance to whatever goes on in people’s lives will lead to a low work output as employees need to find the perfect work/life equilibrium.Everybody is going through life, it is the main aspect of being alive, and hence... Read More

  • Quality Control, Safety & Construction Sites

    Quality Control, Safety & Construction Sites

    The key aim of any construction engineer or any project manager is to deliver quality work that is in line with the budget that was stipulated. Anything and everything that occurs in a construction site before, during and slightly after the project revolves at minimizing any added costs that were not budgeted for.A lot of things, however, could go wrong in a construction site. This could range from minor defects in the construction to accidents within the construction site and even the possibility of reconstruction due to failure to meet the required standards. Construction engineers, therefore, strive to ensure that the project runs as... Read More

  • Approaches to Safety & Quality in Food Processing

    Approaches to Safety & Quality in Food Processing

    Food safety and quality are the primary aspects of food production, processing, and consumption. Decent quality and safety protocol are necessary to prevent the entire food chain from the farmers who grow it to the consumers from compromise. If food safety lapses, this can lead to the contamination of food and people would be exposed to severe health risks.Food quality has to do more with the taste color, texture and nutritional value of the food we eat, and it takes professionals to come up with a standard for the food quality. Some manufacturers use panels or people such as tea tasters to monitor food quality. Over the recent years, new... Read More

  • Sexual Harassment, Women Empowerment & Justice

    Sexual Harassment, Women Empowerment & Justice

    Offensive words on clothing, unwanted jokes, and gestures, touching, patting or grabbing, interfering with one’s movement, playing suggestive music, repeated requests for dates and unwanted flirting. These are all forms of sexual harassment that take place in the work environment. The technicalities of sexual harassment have been an issue under debate for as long as it has existed.Sexual harassment can be described as any form of sexual advances whose submission or rejection interfere with the individual’s employment, their performance or create a hostile work environment for them. Though sexual harassment affects both males and females it... Read More

  • Artificial Intelligence and Computer Applications Taking over the Construction Industry

    Artificial Intelligence and Computer Applications Taking over the Construction Industry

    The introduction of the computer and digital approach to work has brought about different reactions from workers in various sectors. Most of them were very hostile towards the idea of computers being introduced since it would mean their jobs would soon be handled by the machine. Others increased their knowledge and skills making themselves indispensable. This reaction isn’t any different from that of construction workers.Likewise, the use of computers in the construction sector has faced great hostility as some workers feel that the machine will in no time replace their usefulness. The construction industry is one of the most physically... Read More

  • Employee Negotiating Strength

    Employee Negotiating Strength

    Negotiation skills value is increasing as employers value employees with negotiating skills more. The process of forming an agreement between two more parties that is mutually acceptable is a substantial work skill. Negotiation involves some compromises between the involved parties, and sometimes one party may have more leverage than the other.The ability to negotiate requires a lot out of a worker such as a collection of interpersonal and communication skills which when used together bring the desired result. Successful negotiation requires that the two or more parties come together, make ideal arguments and come up with a solution. These... Read More