• Assessing the Impact of Processing on Food Allergenicity

    Assessing the Impact of Processing on Food Allergenicity

    In the past decade, there has been an increase in the prevalence of food allergy, asthma and severe reaction to food. Reasons for this increase are greatly unknown, and there are no therapy and treatments available despite the potential for a lethal outcome. Many studies are being taken to find out what modern processing techniques have to do with food allergies, and if they are the cause of increased food allergies. Food processing has been known to influence allergenicity, and studies have expounded on this fact. Here are some of the impacts of processing on food allergenicity.Effect of Processing on ProteinsProcessing can cause... Read More

  • Impact of Skilled Labor Shortage in Construction

    Impact of Skilled Labor Shortage in Construction

    The construction industry has gone through a lot of rough patches since the recession (2007-2011) where a lot of workers were let go. Since then it has not been up its feet as recently more construction jobs are becoming readily available, but there is low skilled labor. This poses a significant challenge to employers since they want their projects completed but cannot find the right employees to do so. There many factors that are to be blamed for the labor shortage. But many people believe that the weakening of the union has been the significant factor that has helped weaken the numbers of construction skilled labor force. Here we will... Read More

  • How to Build A Successful Work Team

    How to Build A Successful Work Team

    Building a successful work team can be a tough challenge since everyone brings who they are to the table. People have different personalities and other factors like upbringing, prior team experience, past work experience, life and work goals which will directly affect their teamwork participation.Team members should possess qualities that allow high performance and dedication to planning, working and the completion of tasks necessary to move a firm forward. Collaboration is essential to building a business, and this makes teamwork inevitable in the workplace. When creating a work team, the first most common rule is to establish team... Read More

  • Methods of Authentication of Food Ingredients

    Methods of Authentication of Food Ingredients

    Food ingredients authentication is a matter of pressing concern to both the consumers and manufacturers alike. Fraudsters have increased their ingenuity and will go to that extra step to make easy money.Consumers all over the globe are aware of the fraudsters and are increasingly demanding for reassurance on the original content of their food. It is evident that food manufacturers must confirm the authenticity and point of origin of food products that they use as well as the components. The food industry is facing a lot of challenges like fraudulent or deceptive practices such as food contamination. Protecting consumer rights is crucial... Read More

  • Increasing Costs of Building Materials

    Increasing Costs of Building Materials

    The construction sector has been experiencing a surge of high prices in the period leading up to January 2018. The industry has also continued to experience high costs of building material in the past months. Trade groups have warned that tariffs on steel and other goods could send construction cost shooting even higher.Increased material costs imply that contractors are not making the proper amount of profit despite the increase in workflow. Despite the price increase and rising labor costs, suppliers of concrete and other materials have announced to increase their prices.Here you will learn more on the issue of increasing the cost of... Read More

  • Role of HR in Other Department

    Role of HR in Other Department

    HR departments have evolved from the traditional ‘hire and fire’ role to a more pivoted role in the company that involves the HR looking after employee engagement. The HR department links all the different parts of an organization together. As human resource managers organize people so that they can adequately perform work activities, they also create a productive, thriving workforce. HR handles the organization personnel since they implement tools like viewing people as human assets but not costs to the organization.An effective human resource department will give the company stature and all it needs to perfume effectively by managing the... Read More