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A new HR study has been released by LIMRA, a research, consulting and professional development organization. It has found that a majority of employers ( about 70%) use technology for payroll, but only 24.5% use technology for other HR functions, like education, benefits, and communication. The study polled 1,403 private employers.

It’s clear that employers aren’t leveraging the use of technology to the fullest extent possible. One great factor for employers (especially small companies) is the cost involved. We know that technology changes and evolves rapidly and employers need to catch up with said technologies. Employers do provide technology training to their employees, however, more proactive approaches need to be implemented.

In today’s digital era, competition is fierce and to stay ahead, employers and employees both need to dive into the latest tech. Technology is driving the way workers are learning how to do their jobs, as well as the way they’re actually performing their jobs. Artificial intelligence and automation are indeed a looming threat and will most likely be part of the new workplace.

To this end, company culture must first be established for any tech adoptions. It must be of one mind to incorporate new tech so that employees don’t feel confusion and understand that the changes are designed to help them do their jobs better.

Here are some areas where new tech can help HR:

Payroll service

Payroll processing is one of the most difficult tasks in an organization. What HR can do here is invest in an online payroll service. These can help you automatically calculate and keep track of paychecks, deductions, paid time off and other payroll functions such as filing and paying payroll taxes. Such services are Intuit, OnPay, Gusto and SurePayroll. 

Recruitment Software

This helps you streamline your hiring process. Using this you can post job ads, sort and accept applications, manage candidates and more saving you the hassle of manually tracking everything by yourself. Some of these softwares are Workable, Osclcass and FileFinder Everywhere

Employee Engagement Software

Today’s tech tools can help you keep a constant check-in the trends and goings-on in your organization and give you valuable insight on what your employees really want.

Programs encourage positive feedback, allow people to recognize and reward co-workers when they do a good job or collect anonymous feedback which you can use to improve your culture and operations. Examples of these are YouEarnedIt and TinyPulse. 

Corporate social networking apps can also come into play here like Yammer, WeVue, and Workplace by Facebook.

Benefits Management platform

Such software can help you manage all employee benefits including vacation time, PTO, retirement plans, health insurance, workers’ compensation and other perks. Keep in mind these are not professional employer organization (PEO) which acts as a legal employer of your workforce, issuing their paychecks and managing benefits and compliance for you. 

Examples of this platform are BambooHR, UltiPro and Employee Navigator.

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