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AI is a machine’s ability to mimic human capabilities such as learning, problem-solving, and perception. For HR, this is the application of artificial intelligence to the function in order to streamline or automate some part of the workflow. A recent survey found that 38% of enterprises are already using AI in their workplace with 62% expecting to use it by 2018. 

Though they can never quite replace the human element in human resource management, AI machines are gradually developing the right intelligence to do some functions of HR properly. These are:

Candidate Screening

An intelligent AI screening software can go through a vast number of candidate profiles and set up in-person discussions. The software can find the most suitable candidates, without any bias, with the required skills, experience and cultural fit for the company. Industry giants like SAP, Facebook, and IBM have already added such analytics to their HR systems.

Interviewing candidates

Intelligent HR software and automation can figure out the right fit and engage potential candidates. Intelligent HR software helps deliver the custom-made messages to potential candidates while enabling recruiters to focus on their time in swiftly closing offers.

Employee Onboarding

AI could play a key role in engaging and following up with the potential employee to reduce the chance of last-minute offer rejection and removes the uncertainty of offer acceptance and the join date.

Talent development

Every employee has a different learning style in their particular job role. AI enables personalized learning programmes based on employee skill set, experience, behaviour and learning patterns. It can also provide a customised career path information which the company’s management might not be able to provide.

Employee relations

An AI Chatbot can respond to the most common HR queries and it can schedule the meetings with you and your HR. Through HR analytics it can empower immediate managers to make better decisions through various information — Learning pattern, Performances Track records and Recognition Pattern.

HR analytics

AI can derive huge insights from the huge amount of data available in an HR-MIS system and predict any issues way before they strike an organisation. This will also help predict attrition and help to create retention in the company. Analytics can also play a key role in tracking employee engagement trends which are directly proportional to organisational productivity and efficiency.

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