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HR functions today are getting bogged down by tasks that could be handled quickly and efficiently by automation. On average, HR managers can spend a whopping two days a week on unnecessary paperwork!

Companies are constantly working toward redesigning and simplifying almost all processes from recruitment, onboarding and rewards using automation. HR professionals have the option of automating repetitive and manual tasks that help improve efficiency and workflow.

Here are some HR processes that can be automated :

Employee Recruitment

In HR, there are many time intensive manual tasks involved, such as creating and posting job adverts on different channels and going through lengthy applications. Automation allows some of the administrative tasks associated with recruitment to be accelerated and helps streamline the recruitment process. Super-fast turnaround time in today’s market is crucial as you risk losing top talent if you keep candidates waiting around too long.

Employee On Boarding

Onboarding new hires involves substantial administrative work such as filling out contracts and related paperwork. Automating the on boarding workflow can create significant efficiencies. Instead of prospective employees filling out excessive amounts of paper forms and providing physical verification of their personal documents, many of these forms can easily be done automated online system.

Employee Personal Data and Records

HR deals with large volumes of personal employee data which is difficult to handle when the business grows. Using an automation system that looks into the creation and updating of employee records reduces manual error and the mishandling of sensitive employee information.

Expense Claims

Expense claims involve manually filling in an excel sheet, attaching related receipts and sending to accounts, a very painstaking and repetitive task.  

The manual nature of expensing is time intensive and prone to human error, nowadays a wide range of mobile apps can be used to keep track of receipts and can even generate reports. 


Compared to the manual payroll processing, an effective payroll solution can minimize the margins of human error. An automated system can pay your employees on time, using the parameters you set. This is how the usually mundane payroll process can be sped up through automation.

HR automation is happening now and is the future. Businesses will lag if they don’t keep up. Automation not only saves time and money but adds significant value where technology provides a huge opportunity around how to do things differently. HR automation can allow professionals to spend time doing meaningful work like focusing on the people element, building a high performance culture and attracting new talent.

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