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By Edupliance | 6th May, 2016

Have you recently been conferred with a managerial position at your workplace or are you a veteran manager at your business? Do you struggle to get the respect your position deserves?

You are not alone! There are many managers who do not get the respect their position commands from their colleagues and subordinates. Do not get worried, there are slight changes you need to make in your attitude and soon you will be earning respect the way it is meant to be.

How to Earn Respect without Bossing Your Staff?

First of all, if you lack leadership skills, there is lots of scope to improve. Remember, this position has been given to you since you are better at this job than the others, but do not let this get to your head. Do not talk to your subordinates in fear and do not think that you are superior to them – strike the right balance of getting the task-at-hand done quickly.

Most managers do not earn respect instantly. Respect eludes them for a certain amount of time because you might either be doing what is in your company’s best interests or you might be putting your attitude before the collective effort of your entire team. No one likes a bossy person; everyone like a team player.

Respect is something that is earned over time. This happens only when you display humanity, credibility, trustworthiness and respectfulness for your colleagues and subordinates. The best way to achieve all this is to coach your staff towards achieving a goal.

Learn To ‘Coach’ You’re Team – Do Not Boss around Unnecessarily

Remember, earning respect is a two-fold job; you get people to like you and eventually reach to the top! To achieve this, do not behave like a tyrant and try not to tame anybody; they are not your slaves. Act like a coach who motivates his team and in turn makes them win the match!

Moreover, treat your position with dignity and command your subordinates to do their job, but do so with humility and mutual respect. This will not only set your standards high amongst your colleagues and make them highly regard your capabilities, but will also accelerate your career in the right direction.

What Should your Subordinates Do?

Subordinates have to carry on their work like usual. Hold them accountable for any misdeed or break any workplace rules, but do not overstep your boundaries as a senior.

Their duty is to follow your instructions and achieve a target. If they fail in doing so, they should be penalized in a manner that agrees to company rules.

Apart from this, they need to understand that you are their senior and your actions are mostly intended for the collective betterment of the workplace and if you treat them with anger, maybe you are under pressure and they should learn to respect that.

What Kind Of Coaching Should Any Professional Give To Their Subordinates?

  • Listen to their grievances and try to help them if you can. Even if you can’t, at least forward their ideas and suggestions to the higher management. This will help them voice their opinion and also regard you as a leader.
  • If you are blatantly disrespectful to others, you will get little or no respect at all! This is why try not to generate negative traction or impose your seniority at every chance you get. Act like their confidante and give them permissible leeway in case they commit innocent infractions. This will help you amass respect and with time, be highly regarded as the best manager in the business.
  • Research shows that most employees quit their job due to bad managers, not due to bad perks or pay! This is because they have lost respect for their manager due to personal vendetta or maybe too much bossy behavior.
  • By coaching them to perform better and treating every employee’s functional expertise for the greater good, you motivate them to keep their morale at its peak and perform better and stay longer at the company. Optimism is the key. Motivate your team players with optimistic reviews, appraisals, feedback and concern for their well-being.

How Can Any Professional Be Benefitted Through This System?

Always keep this in mind, employees always look for a leader who wants to make a difference and achieve everyone’s well-being. Singularity will not get you far, it will only bring in disrespect.

Not only does this practice make you a better leader, it also makes you great at handling pressure-cooking situations and mediating issues.

There is another benefit of scaling the corporate ladder. The better you perform as a leader, you inch closer to the top with excellent performance reviews. Just do your best to not make someone unhappy while trying to look out for yourself.

Build your credibility with micromanagement- treat every employee as an equal. High handedness or undermining employees on a regular basis will only make things worse! Believe in yourself as a leader! Be tenacious and confident, but do not act stubborn! Inflexibility and rigidity does not make good boss! Be flexible like a tree that bends when it needs to. Confidence and professionalism with a touch of humility is what makes great bosses!

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