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By Edupliance | 13th June, 2016

At the heart of each workplace, the basic building block is always the same – an employee.

Employees should be encouraged to look forward to working every day in the company, not just because it’s their job, but because they love being there! Many business owners and entrepreneurs fail to estimate the power of a positive work environment which can be detrimental to success.

So, What Exactly Is Organizational Culture?

In short, organizational culture is the image of a brand or organization that it portrays to current and future employees. This culture stems from the core values, attitudes, mission and vision and the practices being used in the organization for its day-to-day activities.

Generally, it is the sense of purpose, leadership style and employee experience that makes or breaks a company’s image in the eyes of its workforce and the general public. Organizational culture if improper or monotonous in nature, can mentally drain and discourage employees from appreciating their role in the workplace. This is why adopting a positive corporate culture has become an existential need in today’s workplaces.

Remember, the aim is to empower employees – not suffocate them.

Is Organizational Culture really that important?

Yes! In today’s hustle and bustle filled world, employees need a workplace environment that does not make them go insane and rather embraces their contributions. A cultural environment is something that they sense and feel around them every day. This makes it all the more important to set a positive mood and tone in their working attitude so that they work with focus and an energized mind.

At the end of the day, job satisfaction is the ultimate driving force for every employee. This is where embracing a positive organizational culture plays its major role in reducing attrition rates and welcomes new employees with open arms.

How Can You as an Employee, Contribute Positivity towards the Organizational Culture?

You may think that organizational culture is in the hands of your boss or the managers. Not always! Remember, you are the building block of the workplace. There are small things that you can slowly incorporate in the organizational culture that can have a major impact not only on your working techniques, but also on the way you and your fellow-workers are treated at your workplace.

You can try the following methods to de-stress yourself and bring about positivity in and around your workplace:

1. Goal-setting with clear understanding of objectives

You need to align yourself with the current working pace of your organization. The best way to do this is to be goal-oriented and organized in your working. Rushing into things and meeting deadlines at the last moment will only increase your frustration. Maintaining a clear-understanding of tasks and maintaining a regular feedback chain among all team members and superiors will help you evaluate yourself better and eventually de-stress your nerves.

2. Develop Transparency

If you are in HR, you should be able to gauge the strengths and weaknesses of all employees under you. This way, you can complete two tasks in one go – giving employment to the best employee suitable for the job and safeguarding confidential information inside the company walls. This helps build a sense of ownership for each employee and makes them responsible for their actions.

3. Own it Up!

Do not engage in any malicious activity that can see you getting kicked out of your job! If you spot any other employee doing any kind of illegal activity like workplace violence, reckless conduct or divulging of company secrets to outsiders, report it to HR. If you have committed any offence yourself, own up to it when caught. Always respect your workplace’s rules.

4. Always Talk to HR

Many employees have this habit of venting their anger about superiors to their co-workers or on social media platforms. Don’t do this! It is best to talk to your HR department about your grievances in full confidentiality. They know the company’s rules and mission the best!

5. Exercise Influence Where It Suits

If you feel that your opinion is better than that of a superior, voice it. Not only will this display your leadership abilities, but also show that you can assert yourself in times of need. Your influence, if supported by others, can help support the overall vision of the organization. It is all about team work!

Always keep in mind that employees quit a workplace due to frustration, not the job! This speaks volumes that a negative organizational culture is the major culprit in creating unhappy, emotionally drained, lazy and self-centered employees.

Try to incorporate these changes and see the positivity that takes place! These purposeful activities will not only help you love your job, but also make things better for the entire workforce as well! Do not forget to recommend this article to your co-workers, after all a collective effort towards bringing about positivity in organizational culture will help you reach the target faster!

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