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Adjustment to the work culture of millennials is no simple task. However, there is a new talent pool that recruiters should be watching very carefully as well. These are the Generation Z (AKA Post-Millenials) who have just graduated from college. 

Generation Z is comprised of young adults born between 1997 to 2010. They grew up during the bad times—the aftermath of 9/11, the succeeding terrorist attacks, the Iraq war, and the Great Recession. They witnessed people around them lose their jobs, their homes, and their savings. These experiences are ingrained in them.

Gen-Z was born and raised at a time when the internet is already a great part of everyday life. They were kids when cellular phones became popular, and they’re used to being connected. Technology is not a new concept to them; they’re natives of the digital world. It’s something they’re simply used to.

As a recruiter, you need to rethink certain strategies to help attract the new Gen Z employees to your company. Here’s what you can do.

1. Provide work flexibility

Gen-Z works on the adage of “work smart, not hard.” Having grown up in a fast-paced, technologically-driven era, Gen-Z doesn’t believe in putting in long hours if they don’t need to. Providing the flexibility to choose how they put their time in the work is essential for your organization’s success.

2. Allow them to own their work

The power and freedom of the internet have greatly encouraged independent thinking in Gen-Z. When you let Gen-Z own their work, they think for themselves and develop their own critical thinking and problem-solving skills that would ultimately benefit the company.

3. Provide opportunities to learn and plan career growth 

By offering training and development opportunities, you are providing assurances of continuous learning in your company, but also of career growth. It keeps them engaged and committed. You are investing not only in them but your company also.

4. Face-to-Face Communication

Despite growing in an age of texting and messaging as their choice of communication, Gen-Z does appreciate the human connection. When giving instructions or providing feedback, make sure to schedule a face-to-face meeting as it is important to listen to their ideas and input.

5. Offer feedback

Gen-Z doesn’t like being micromanaged. Rather, they crave open communication. Arrange regular feedback sessions so that you can let them know that you’re concerned about their general welfare and career growth.

6. Leverage technology in the workplace

If you’re not updated with the latest software or hardware, expect your Gen-Z employees to be disengaged with your company. 

7. Give them meaningful benefits

Recent surveys show that financial rewards greatly motivate Gen-Zers. They know what it’s like to have very little financial resources and they want to make sure that they won’t have to go through that again. Furthermore, a survey showed that drowning in college debt is the top concern of 66% of Gen-Z.

Providing them meaningful benefits such as health care, educational assistance, and loans will make them feel more secure at your company. It takes more than a Ping-pong table and game rooms to attract the younger generation!

Generation Z graduates want to make a difference in the world and not just in the workplace. 

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