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Today maintaining employee benefit is costly enough as it is, the probability of these costs rising is very high if a union gets a grip on your company. In fact these days it is so easy for unions to keep the start of a union drive silent. Unions are embracing modern technology such as texting, e-mailing or online connection with employees to organize union drives. You should train supervisors on early stages of union activities so that you can have a better handle as the management. Here are some of the common warning signs of union activities.

Increased complaints

You will find that employees’ complaints will increase for no apparent reasons. Unions like to pounce on dissatisfied employees and sell themselves as a body which will protect their interests, reduce workloads and increase compensation. You will hear terms like grievances, past practice, and arbitration which are sown by the unions

Increased questions about policies, wages, and benefits

Employees will suddenly gain interest in company wages, policies, and benefits and also start asking questions. They will ask questions about policies and their benefits in groups rather than individually, and often in a hostile tone instead of an inquiring tone. All this is to assist the union to make a case for the employees.

Friendly employees become withdrawn

Employees who were close to the management stop talking to managers or supervisors, and this happens even when they meet on walks through the workplace. Such employees feel guilty because of their union activities and prefer not to be friendly to the management. The hostility is mainly so as not to betray their coworkers and the fact that unions require employees to be quiet about the upcoming union drive.

Employees frequently gather than usual

Sometimes groups of workers huddle together in work and discuss softly amongst themselves, and this is a visible indicator of the existence of an issue. These employees meet gather around restrooms, hallways, and other odd places and walk away if the management approaches them. Sometimes when they are talking, they stop talking if the supervisors walk by.

A sudden shift in popularity

It is common to have popular people in the workplace. If there is a sudden shift in popularity where an employee gets extra attention, they could be one in direct contact with the union. Sometimes the previous famous workers are frowned upon or ridiculed by other employees. New social groups also form as people who didn’t use to talk become more social than before.

Prolonged meal and rest breaks

When union campaigns start, they end up taking a lot of time. Employees end up having debates during their brake and sometimes prolong their brakes. Other employees may request for a shift in their schedule so that their breaks are at per with other collogues.

An employer should understand and familiarize themselves with these early warning signs. Also, they should fortify themselves and come up with tactics to counteract any union organization to be on the safe side.

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