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HR departments have evolved from the traditional ‘hire and fire’ role to a more pivoted role in the company that involves the HR looking after employee engagement. The HR department links all the different parts of an organization together. As human resource managers organize people so that they can adequately perform work activities, they also create a productive, thriving workforce. HR handles the organization personnel since they implement tools like viewing people as human assets but not costs to the organization.

An effective human resource department will give the company stature and all it needs to perfume effectively by managing the company’s employees. The HR sector has a lot of functions that are necessary for the functioning of every division of the organization, and such roles are as follows.

Addressing Issues

HR departments implement strategic planning to address the changing needs of an employer as well as the ever-shifting competitive job market. It is the role of HR to continually analyze the employee benefits packages to find ways to reduce operating costs for the employer. HR can also tweak packages to increase employee retention through the addition of vacation days, retirement plan enhancements or flexible working arrangements.

Recruitment Process

Every department in the workplace sometimes needs new employees to enhance productivity. HR is responsible for employee recruitment thus this makes it a significant body of the organization. The human resource department handles all the typical duties like interviewing a potential candidate, new hires or firing.

Another duty of the HR department is determining when to hire new workers in different departments. The department managers also assess whether hiring new employees will be beneficial to the company. When hiring new employees, it is not just about the contracts; HR has to determine whether the new employees will fit into the company’s culture, among other aspects.

Keep Employees Grounded

After hiring new staff, the HR does not just sit around; instead, they make sure that the new workers are adapting well to the environment. Also, HR continually tries to improve workers lives, and they do this by creating and implementing programs that have a positive effect on the employee’s work life. Some of these programs include daycare services, personal and annual leave among other incentives.

Sometimes HR can help workers solve some of their personal problems. This encourages employees to work hard and get the feeling that their boss cares about them and is concerned about their well-being.

Employee Management

Another essential task of the HR is managing the staff. They keep employees grounded by maintaining employee satisfaction and workplace atmosphere as well as keeping them engaged.

The human resource department is very helpful to the employees since they update employees with new beneficial company information or programs. They also help process application and claim forms. All employee transfers have to go through the HR first, this is an excellent service towards the staff as well. Remember that it is the responsibility of the human resource department to look after employee benefits and incentives. They are also available to answer employees any queries they feel is work-related.

Training and Development

HR tries to improve the company’s employee engagement through training and development. The human resource department has a responsibility of educating established employees and continuously upgrading their skills. The department also makes sure that a firm maintains its professionalism level by partaking in ongoing employee training.

The department creates different training classes. Sometimes the employees are involved in selecting the right category so that everyone is represented. They make sure that the workers are properly educated despite the course, and such sessions may include first aid classes or software courses. Collaboration between HR and other departments are also necessary to maintain a company’s standard and values.


Since the human resource department deals with the employees’ database, the department has all the crucial information of an employee that a company may require for normal functioning. The department looks after sensitive information such as contract, job responsibilities, discipline records and performance assessments. The department makes sure that employee information is well protected and can be availed at any time or moment of importance.

Legal Compliance

Such a department is responsible for various labor laws or simply put, legal agreement. The department therefore informs or reminds the employees about state and union laws on matters like lunches, break time, overtime, minimum wages and even discrimination cases.

The department also helps the company keep track of changes in business or government rulings or legislative so that the company is on the right side.

Public Relations

HR actively arranges business meetings, seminars, and office gatherings among other practices to build public relations. With the aim of establishing a company as a contender in its field, HR also helps link the company with of the firms and target markets.

HR roles in a company affect all the departments directly or indirectly. Also, the human resource department is what links employees to the managers of an organization. Since the department support employees, this makes it a vital organ of an organization since employees are the most critical asset.

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