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The focus of most organization within the last few decades has switched to include the welfare of its employees. They are after the realization of efficient and effectively operating employees. An organization that has employees that are well taken care of has been argued to most likely gain a competitive advantage within the market as the performance of the organization increased to some degree.

Therefore, there are various approaches through which organizations are focusing on the welfare of their employees, and they include health and safety meeting and effective human resource management.

Health and Safety Meeting

As is well known, the environment of most organizations may have one or two risks that might threaten the safety of the employees. It is not always clear as to which aspect or element may cause harm to an employee as most crisis to happen out suddenly. It might be a pencil, a desk, or a sharp object that has been misplaced.

However, with the adoption of health and safety standards, organizations have been aimed at ensuring that a certain level of safety for the employees is realized. The safety aspect entails the implementation of certain features and programs that are meant to create awareness on the safety and health risks that may present themselves. Additionally, the employees are also educated on the importance of health and safety, outlining that each employee has a role in the prevention of any risk from happening.

The call for health and safety meeting within organizations has been a great part of the recent organizational trends. Mostly, the call for the realization of human rights has also been among the leading causes aspects for the call of health and safety within organizations. Among the many forms of health and safety that can be realized, organizations seek for a way to make certain that their employees are not under any given threat.

Over the years, another terminology that has been used hand in hand with health and safety meeting within organizations is occupational safety which more or less means that same thing. Occupational health and safety have mostly been linked to the legal framework where organizations are required to meet certain levels of occupational health and safety standards.

Effective Human Resource Management

In the 1990s, the management of employees within the organization was mostly referred to as personnel management. However, the feature was limited to a certain angle or perspective. With the realization of the 21st century, term Human Resource Management has been used increasingly in place of personnel management. As a matter of fact, personnel management has not used any longer and organizations, and people have adopted Human Resource Management.

To better understand what HRM is, one can align it with the features of controlling, budgeting, planning, and scheduling, the employees of a given organization. In order for HRM to be considered effective, these features have to be implemented effectively. Additionally, HRM also has a number of other functions that make the operation of the employees within the organization more appealing.

The various functions of HRM vary based on the approach that the HR officer or manager wants to take. For instance, training and development are one of the functions that are considered an important part of the HRM process and as such, making it vital to the organization. It deals with the implementation of skills and knowledge to the employees that will help them grow effectively.

An effective human resource department is vital in ensuring tha health and safety mtters of employees are properly observed. In addition to that, human resource management also plays other crucial functions such as reward management, performance management, job allocation, and job division among others. The mandate of HRM is to make certain that these functions are implemented effectively for the smooth running of organizations.

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