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Each year the American Medical Association (AMA) releases this Current Procedural language (CPT) code set changes for the forthcoming year. As in previous years, new directions and tips are more to multiple sections within the code set to clarify committal to writing for CPT users. Additionally, several new codes have been added and revised in the Surgery and Pathology & Laboratory sections of the CPT code set.  

Evaluation & Management:  

First, you’ll have new on-line digital E/M codes 99421-99423 in situ of single online E/M code 99444. Here are the foremost pointers for the new codes:

  • Each code describes a web digital E/M service
  • The service should be for a long time patient
  • Each code covers seven days
  • Use 99421 for 5-10 minutes, 99422 for 11-20 minutes, and 99423 for twenty-one or a lot of minutes
  • These codes are out of numerical sequence.
  • Three new codes (99421-99423) and new tips are established for reportage online digital analysis and management (E/M) services (e-visits).
  • Two new codes (99473-99474) have been more for reporting self-measured home pressure watching employing a valid device.
  • A new add-on code 99458 has been established to report each additional 20 minutes of remote physiologic monitoring treatment management services.


  • New tips and 5 new attachment codes (15769, 15771-15774) are more within the medical specialty section for reportage grafting of autologous soft tissue harvested by excision or autologous fat harvested by liposuction. ·      
  • In the contractile organ subsection, new guidelines and 6 new codes (20700-20705) have been added to report manual preparation and insertion of drug delivery devices and removal of drug delivery devices. In addition, 2 new codes (20560-20561) have been added to report needle insertions in muscles while not injection(s), and 3 new codes (21601-21603) are more to report excision of chest wall tumor.       
  • In the Cardiovascular subsection, four new codes (33016-33019) along with new guidelines have been added to describe pericardiocentesis and pericardial drainage with the insertion of an indwelling catheter. Additionally, two new codes (33858-33859) and new guidelines have been added to describe ascending aortic graft, a new code 33871 has been added to report transverse aortic arch graft, two new codes (34717,34718) were added to report endovascular repair of the iliac artery and two new codes (35702-35703) have been added to report artery exploration in upper or lower extremities.·        
  • In the organic process section, a brand new code 46948 was more to explain the internal surgical procedure by dearterialization and 2 new codes (49013, 49014) are established to report preperitoneal girdle packing and re-exploration with the removal of preperitoneal pelvic packing. ·       
  • In the Nervous subsection, two new codes (62328-62329) have been added to describe spinal tap with fluoroscopic or CT guidance. In addition, four new codes (64451-64625) alongside new tips have been added to describe the injection of anesthetic and/or steroids into the corporal nervous system. ·       
  • In the attention and Ocular adnexa subsection, two new codes (66987-66988) were more to explain extracapsular cataract removal.

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