• E-Learning, Distance Learning and Remote Learning – What’s the Difference?

    E-Learning, Distance Learning and Remote Learning – What’s the Difference?

    E-Learning, Remote Learning and Distance Learning/Educationare something that we have come across quite a long back. But these terms have spread as much as the coronavirus itself. And the schools being closed due to lockdowns have made people familiar with these terms and a daily talk in almost every household. Students are now learning at home, which can be confusing by itself. These all terms look similar and might be used interchangeably in our day-to-day tasks, but they are all different. So, what are the differences? Which one are you or our children are using? Let’s take a look at these terms and learn the major differences... Read More

  • Classroom Precautions during COVID-19

    Classroom Precautions during COVID-19

    At school reopen, it is important to take precautions to prevent the spread of the Virus. Understanding the virus and how it spread is the most important and first thing thatneeds to be done to set any protocol. The school must indulge in coaching the Teachers, clean-up and sanitizing the area, preparing parents and children, and measures tode-stress college employees. As a teacher, knowing the facts will not only protect yourself but also your students. Be aware of fake information and dangerous myths aboutCOVID-19 circulatingthat are feeding fear and stigma. To encourage your students to stick to the rules, it can be helpful to create a... Read More

  • What is the effect of the Coronavirus on American Businesses?

    What is the effect of the Coronavirus on American Businesses?

    This Pandemic disease Coronavirus orCOVID-19 may have disruptive effects on the economy. Disruption in the global supply of goods makes harder for the U.S to match the orders. Lockdown of a worker in many affected areas reduces the labor supply which results in delaying the demand for U.S products and services.The economic disruptions and increased uncertainty by COVID-19 can be seen in lower valuations and increased volatility in the financial markets. Although the exact effect caused by the COVID-19 on the U.S. economy is unknown, But it is clear that it leads to tremendous risks.Disruptions in the Supply chain makes difficult for... Read More

  • How well Prepares are Countries for a COVID-19 Pandemic?

    How well Prepares are Countries for a COVID-19 Pandemic?

    No country is fully prepared for acoronavirus pandemicas it was an uncertain thing that happened to the globe. The World Health Organization has declared the coronavirus, or COVID-19, a pandemic. Some countries will be better to handle the outbreak than others.Coronavirus is now spreading in several countries and affecting the Economy and above all lives throughout the globe. In some countries, the virus is affecting lives tremendously then other countries and it totally depends on how actively the countermeasures are implemented and informed by the government to the residents and on how prepared the country is. No vaccine is developed... Read More

  • CA Supreme Court Publishes ‘Hours Worked’ Decision

    CA Supreme Court Publishes ‘Hours Worked’ Decision

    The California Supreme Court recently came to a unanimous decision that an employer must compensate his/her employees for the time spent on the employer’s premises waiting for, and undergoing, the obligated exit searches of packages, bags, or personal technology devices.The Court made it clear that this time is compensable since the employees are under the employer’s governance, and the searches done are for the employer’s benefit. The Court came to this conclusion putting into place the California law, and the same result would not inevitably be reached under the FLSA.As an employee, as per this decision, you need... Read More

  • Core Factors That Affect Student Performance

    Core Factors That Affect Student Performance

    Success in academics often requires a student toovercome a lot of hurdles in life to achieve academic excellence. Much of theexperience that students have while at school has a significant impact on theirinvolvement in attaining good grades and enjoying school while in the process.Poor academic performance at school is however, contributed to a lot ofexternal and internal factors that surround the student. Finding a solution toa student’s low performance requires both the teacher and parent to find theroot causes and consider them.Causes of pooracademic performanceThe grades of a student can significantly reduce dueto... Read More

  • How to successfully carry out Reverse Mentoring

    How to successfully carry out Reverse Mentoring

    With the huge number of retirements, it is evident that there will soon be empty positions in most companies and businesses. The notion of reverse mentoring is one of the most effective ways that has been implemented to deal with the issue. Reverse mentoring simply means that instead of the normal mentoring where the elderly are instructing the young, the young now instruct the elderly.Reverse mentoring, if used appropriately can bring about a number of benefits including impacting enough information in the young ones for them to take up senior positions in the future. Millennials, who have been regarded as not as driven as the rest of the... Read More

  • Factors Influencing Student Performance

    Factors Influencing Student Performance

    Academic performance is something that every student pursues. How a student performance affects how their life will turn out. Student performance at high school level is a strong determinant for whether the student will go to college or not. Student performance at the college level is a strong determinant of the type of job that the student will get. It is clear that student performance determines very many aspects of a student’s life.The performance of a student is motivated by numerous factors. From factors such as the promise of a reward to supportive parents and teachers and even a conducive environment. All these factors affect the... Read More

  • How Online Learning Is Beneficial

    How Online Learning Is Beneficial

    Online learning has solved very many problems that the traditional form of education presented. Online learning has been spreading fast with the increased use of the internet. Certain disadvantages discourage people from taking up online courses. Issues such as the value placed on an online degree being less than that of a person that attended traditional college bring about a negative attitude to online learning.There are certain stereotypes that have been related to people who prefer online education. The most famous of them being laziness. All this is, however, not true. There are very many positive impacts that come about from online... Read More

  • DeVos’ Department of Education withdraws Obama-era guidance on campus sexual assault

    DeVos’ Department of Education withdraws Obama-era guidance on campus sexual assault

    Education Secretary Betsy DeVos scrapped Obama-era guidance on how campuses handle sexual assault investigations Friday. Her department released a letter outlining new campus sexual assault guidelines and argued that existing guidelines “have led to the deprivation of rights for many students—both accused students denied fair process and victims denied an adequate resolution of their complaints.” “The Department has decided to withdraw the [Obama-era guidelines] in order to develop an approach to student sexual misconduct that responds to the concerns of stakeholders and that aligns with the purpose of Title IX to achieve... Read More

  • ESSA State Plans Reach Their Deadline

    ESSA State Plans Reach Their Deadline

    Thirty states and Puerto Rico turned in their Every Student Succeeds Act plans in time for the U.S. Department of Education’s deadline of midnight on September 18. Four hurricane-ravaged states—Alabama, Florida, South Carolina, and Texas—got an extension for later this fall. This is the second of two big batches of ESSA plans. Sixteen states and the District of Columbia turned in their plans last spring. And most of those—Arizona, Connecticut, Delaware, the District of Columbia, Illinois, Louisiana, Maine, Nevada, New Jersey, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon, Tennessee, and Vermont—have gotten approvals from the department. Colorado... Read More

  • Restorative Justice in Education

    Restorative Justice in Education

    There are many school management terms floating around in the education space. Restorative Justice is, however, one of the most prominent and important ones. It is defined as “a system of criminal justice that focuses on the rehabilitation of offenders through reconciliation with victims and the community at large.” This sounds like something used in a prison (it is) but that is not its full scope. In a school environment, restorative justice helps a student to accept the responsibility for what they did, make it right for those that were hurt or affected, and involve the community in helping both the victim and the offender. Restorative... Read More

  • 22 Educational Programs That President Trump’s Budget Eliminates

    22 Educational Programs That President Trump’s Budget Eliminates

    The Trump Administration is proposing to eliminate many K-12 education programs in their first full budget for fiscal 2018. The administration wants to make $10.6 billion in cuts in federal education initiatives and to reinvest part of the savings into efforts to promote school choice. There are 22 programs that are set for the chopping block if the budget proposal goes through. Here is the list as found on the Department of Education website (pages 46-47).Here is the list againPrograms Proposed for Elimination in FY 2018(2017 BA in $ millions)21st Century Community Learning Centers: 1,164.5Alaska Native Education: 32.4American... Read More

  • Trump Administration’s Impact on American Education

    Trump Administration’s Impact on American Education

    The impact of the current President of the United States and his administration on education is causing a great deal of concern to students, teachers and academics alike. Staying true to his promise of cutting the budget for education, President Trump has followed through on this promise byslashing fundsfor the Education Department by 13.5 percent, or $9.2 billion in his administration’s new “America First” budget.The US’s Education Department comprises 5,000 employees, a $73 billion annual budget, and is responsible for some 98,000 public schools in the country. The proposal budget plan would remove $2.4 billion in grants for teacher... Read More

  • The New Immigration Policies Impacting Students

    The New Immigration Policies Impacting Students

    President Trump’s March 6 Executive Order effectively bans entry into the U.S. for nationals of six Muslim-majority countries — Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen. This has received widespread condemnation from higher education organizations and has been temporarily blocked by federal judges. However, there are still provisions in the order that are still in effect.Extreme Vetting: One provision of the order calls for the development of new screening and vetting procedures (the subtext being to prevent entry of terrorists into the country) for “all immigration programs.” According to the Wall Street Journal (WSJ), this... Read More

  • Precautions you should take before sending out your CV publicly.

    Precautions you should take before sending out your CV publicly.

    By Edupliance | 8th April, 2016A CV is like a short summary about your professional life. However, it also contains details about you that if fall into the wrong hands, may have dire consequences for you.Every professionally made CV contains personal details about you like your name, address, date of birth, schools and colleges you studied at, educational qualifications you possess and the list of businesses and employers you worked for in the past.In today’s cyber world, you should be very careful while posting your resume online. It is a perfect career strategy to find new job prospects by posting a CV online but any job seeker’s... Read More

  • Compliance with FERPA without violating social media and email norms

    Compliance with FERPA without violating social media and email norms

    By Edupliance | 26th February, 2016FERPA – the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act, prevents people from sharing innocuous details about someone’s academics without knowing its consequences.This law safeguards a student/learner’s academic and professional interests by keeping their academic records secret and inaccessible by anyone unauthorized to do so.Its sole prerogative is to prevent bullying, harassment and untoward leakage of personal academic records out in the public. Apart from which, it also aims to curate a student’s academic records for quick retrieval in times of need.That being explicitly implied, a private... Read More