• Is it Better to Start Investing in Single-Family Rental Properties or Multi-Family Properties?

    Is it Better to Start Investing in Single-Family Rental Properties or Multi-Family Properties?

    The people who want to invest in real estate, come across the basic question or say dilemma – Should they invest in Single-Family properties or should they put their money in Multi-Family Properties. The answer to this question is not straightforward as it involves making the right decision about putting your hard-earned money and obviously with a motive of not only earning regular and good returns but also it should be a safe investment. So, before we go into the detail of making the right choice, let’s know what single-family and multi-family properties are.As the name suggestsSingle-Family Homes (SFHs)are real estate residential... Read More

  • Critical Factors in Successful Acquisition and Mergers in the Construction Industry

    Critical Factors in Successful Acquisition and Mergers in the Construction Industry

    Thepast couple of years have seen a rise in the increase of mergers andacquisitions in the construction industry. This increase has been attributed tothe fact that most financial institutions prefer dealing with bigger companies.Another contributing factor to the increase in consolidation of constructioncompanies through mergers and acquisitions is the efficiency of theseconsolidated companies. It is believed that a larger construction company isway more efficient than smaller ones hence the consolidation.Mergersand acquisitions are highly beneficial as they do way more than just reduce thecost of production. Merging of... Read More

  • Best Practices for Construction Industry Waste Management

    Best Practices for Construction Industry Waste Management

    Besides being one of the most profitable industriesglobally, the construction industry comes with its set of challenges such asmanagement of waste. Waste management is a core concern in this industry withmany constructing companies in pursuit of sustainable building. Unlawfuldisposal of construction waste and debris on open land leads to degradation ofthe environment which is against the regulations set for the protection ofhuman health and the environment. Achieving responsible waste management involvesabolishing waste as much as possible, reducing waste where it is feasible,applying a reliable design, recycling or reusing... Read More

  • Planning and Scheduling as Components of Construction Management

    Planning and Scheduling as Components of Construction Management

    The construction process is multi-staged. There are various stages that make up the whole project. In most cases the construction process is a constitution of many moreindividual activities that are all necessary for the accomplishment of theproject. Since a construction project is essential there is need for properplanning and scheduling to be carried out before embarking on the project.What is Planning and Scheduling?Planning is thesingle most basic crucial part of the project. A construction project needsappropriate planning because it involves developing logical plans as to how theconstruction will be carried out, creating... Read More

  • Elements of cost Overruns, Delays, and Risk involved in Construction Management

    Elements of cost Overruns, Delays, and Risk involved in Construction Management

    Within any given country, the construction industry is of great significance. It makes certain that people have access to homes, roads, and other important structures that are important for the survival of humanity. As such, construction management as a whole ought to be considered an important factor within any given country, requiring a certain degree of seriousness and approach.With that perspective, one also ought to consider factors that may hinder the effective operation within construction management. Take for instance a construction site that was supposed to be completed within a given period but because of one factor or another, it... Read More

  • Quality Control, Safety & Construction Sites

    Quality Control, Safety & Construction Sites

    The key aim of any construction engineer or any project manager is to deliver quality work that is in line with the budget that was stipulated. Anything and everything that occurs in a construction site before, during and slightly after the project revolves at minimizing any added costs that were not budgeted for.A lot of things, however, could go wrong in a construction site. This could range from minor defects in the construction to accidents within the construction site and even the possibility of reconstruction due to failure to meet the required standards. Construction engineers, therefore, strive to ensure that the project runs as... Read More

  • Artificial Intelligence and Computer Applications Taking over the Construction Industry

    Artificial Intelligence and Computer Applications Taking over the Construction Industry

    The introduction of the computer and digital approach to work has brought about different reactions from workers in various sectors. Most of them were very hostile towards the idea of computers being introduced since it would mean their jobs would soon be handled by the machine. Others increased their knowledge and skills making themselves indispensable. This reaction isn’t any different from that of construction workers.Likewise, the use of computers in the construction sector has faced great hostility as some workers feel that the machine will in no time replace their usefulness. The construction industry is one of the most physically... Read More

  • Impact of Skilled Labor Shortage in Construction

    Impact of Skilled Labor Shortage in Construction

    The construction industry has gone through a lot of rough patches since the recession (2007-2011) where a lot of workers were let go. Since then it has not been up its feet as recently more construction jobs are becoming readily available, but there is low skilled labor. This poses a significant challenge to employers since they want their projects completed but cannot find the right employees to do so. There many factors that are to be blamed for the labor shortage. But many people believe that the weakening of the union has been the significant factor that has helped weaken the numbers of construction skilled labor force. Here we will... Read More

  • Increasing Costs of Building Materials

    Increasing Costs of Building Materials

    The construction sector has been experiencing a surge of high prices in the period leading up to January 2018. The industry has also continued to experience high costs of building material in the past months. Trade groups have warned that tariffs on steel and other goods could send construction cost shooting even higher.Increased material costs imply that contractors are not making the proper amount of profit despite the increase in workflow. Despite the price increase and rising labor costs, suppliers of concrete and other materials have announced to increase their prices.Here you will learn more on the issue of increasing the cost of... Read More

  • Best Practice: Tracking of Increased Construction Costs for Proving Claims

    Best Practice: Tracking of Increased Construction Costs for Proving Claims

    Record keeping is one of the most important activity in any work in progress. They are important tools in the decision-making process. One is able to track the flow of resources, manage the business and maintain the business course. It is important to note that in execution of a construction project, documentation is an indispensable tool for the managers and other participants.Best Practices1.Reviewing cost codesOrganizations have distinct ways of tracking their expenses. Having codes makes tracking operations easy. However, in other companies, there are numerous cost codes with numerous granular details that they use for the same... Read More

  • Delay Damages in Construction Industry

    Delay Damages in Construction Industry

    Construction projects have a habit of dragging on beyond the set due date. While some people might view this as the norm, you need to keep in mind that the longer the project runs, the more money is spent. This means that in most cases the funds used for the actual a construction project surpass what was put down in the budget by far. The delays associated with construction fall into various categories. However, they can easily be summed up as excusable, non-excusable, concurrent, compensable, and critical and non-critical delays. The group a delay will fall into will depend on the responsible party, the effect the delay has on the timeline,... Read More

  • Productivity Loss Analysis

    Productivity Loss Analysis

    It is not enough to be just a job keeper and not perform. Waiting to get a paycheque should be a reward. The place of work should be driven by the efficiency that is seen in the achievement of the workers. Tangible results for the organization should be the reward for the employees. Productivity measures help in evaluating trends in technological improvements, wage levels and labor growth.ProductivityEverybody has a contribution to the economy either directly or indirectly. In this case, when somebody takes some time off from their work, they lose part of their income which is also translated in the economy due to lack of their input.  It... Read More

  • Schedule Delay Analysis

    Schedule Delay Analysis

    When planning for a project, one of the things you need to focus on is the timeframe within which it should be executed and completed. However, very few projects are completed on time. Most of them experience delays, which end up affecting the set timeline. Delays can be frustrating for the people hired to implement the project, as well as for the owner, more so because, they almost always lead to financial losses. Simply put, a project that runs past the proposed timeline will cost more money than was budgeted.Types of DelaysDifferent factors cause schedule delays. These factors can be grouped to make them easier to identify and... Read More

  • Construction Project Management

    Construction Project Management

    Management of construction projects requires the understanding of modern management and the design of the construction process. It involves the daily running of a construction project from start to finish.The discipline of project management can be described as the process of directing and coordinating material resources and human labor during the life of a project by applying management techniques to achieve set objectives of scope, cost, time and quality.The day to day activities may include: working with architects, surveyors to develop a plan that elaborates on timescale, resources required and the cost of the project, coming up with a... Read More

  • Reducing Residential Segregation with Affordable Housing

    Reducing Residential Segregation with Affordable Housing

    Residential segregation in the United States is the physical separation of two or more groups into different neighborhoods, i.e. it generally refers to any kind of sorting based on some criteria of the population (e.g. race, ethnicity, income).While overt segregation is illegal in the United States, housing patterns show significant and persistent segregation for certain races and income groups. The history of American social and public policies, like Jim Crow laws and Federal Housing Administration’s early redlining policies, set the tone for segregation in housing. Trends in residential segregation are attributed to... Read More