• The Persistence of The Form I-9

    The Persistence of The Form I-9

    Newly employed employees should complete the type I-9, which is additionally calledEmployment Eligibility Verification. The shape needs the freshly employed workers to supply sure documents to determine their identity which they’re lawfully approved to figures within the US. To counter the penetration of unsupported immigrants, organizations within the US area unit solely approved to rent workers UN agency will establish their identity and eligibility to figure within the country.A Little HistoryThe Immigration Reform and the management Act was issued in 1986 to authorize some a pair of 7 million undocumented aliens, whereas,... Read More

  • Social Media in the Workplace: Pros and Cons

    Social Media in the Workplace: Pros and Cons

    Social Media plays a significant role in interfacing individuals and creating connections, not just with key influencers and writers covering your organization’s area, yet in addition gives an extraordinary chance to build up client assistance by social affair input, responding to questions, and tuning in to their criticism.The knowledge you acquire from web-based media listening give your association a superior comprehension of what’s working and so forth, and goes far in aiding your public picture. It’s imperative to know continuously what individuals are stating about your organization just as your rivals.In... Read More

  • Mistakes to Avoid on 1099 Form 2021

    Mistakes to Avoid on 1099 Form 2021

    As the Year-end is approaching, it’s the time forIncome Tax Return filing. Kind 1099 has to be full of a selected set of rules; associated if not crammed out correctly, the organization will be subject to fines or different doable news and money issues.The reason you would like to fill anIRS kind 1099is that you just received financial gain as a sole owner of an LLC, sole proprietor, freelance contractor, or freelance person. Unfortunately, there are many mistakes created whilefilling the shape 1099.Common Mistakes on Form 1099If your organization falls within the class of independent hiring, kind 1099 is implausibly... Read More

  • The Benefits and Concerns of the Payroll Deferral Program

    The Benefits and Concerns of the Payroll Deferral Program

    On August 8, President Donald Trump issued an administrative order enabling organizations to defer payment and withholding of some specific worker servings of Social Security taxes. Approximately three weeks afterward, the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) and the Department of the Treasury issued Notice 2020-65, which executed the administrative order. In this article, let us consider the Payroll Deferral Program on the big picture.Deferral is Optional for OrganizationsOrganizations may choose to defer the payment, deposit, and withholding of some workers’ Social Security tax of 6.2% for wages paid within September 1, 2020, and... Read More

  • Classroom Precautions during COVID-19

    Classroom Precautions during COVID-19

    At school reopen, it is important to take precautions to prevent the spread of the Virus. Understanding the virus and how it spread is the most important and first thing thatneeds to be done to set any protocol. The school must indulge in coaching the Teachers, clean-up and sanitizing the area, preparing parents and children, and measures tode-stress college employees. As a teacher, knowing the facts will not only protect yourself but also your students. Be aware of fake information and dangerous myths aboutCOVID-19 circulatingthat are feeding fear and stigma. To encourage your students to stick to the rules, it can be helpful to create a... Read More

  • How Different Types of Payroll Frauds can affect the Businesses?

    How Different Types of Payroll Frauds can affect the Businesses?

    Finance misrepresentation is one of the significant wellsprings of bookkeeping extortion and representative robbery. The extortion occurs in roughly 27%, everything being equal. Word related misrepresentation or extortion submitted by a specialist on an association makes more monetary misfortune organizations than the one submitted by outsiders.Finance misrepresentation is the robbery of money from a business through thefinance handling framework. Customarily, plans submitted by corrupt laborers last an all-encompassing period as they attempt to shroud their burglary while proceeding to serve the association. As indicated by the... Read More

  • IRC Section 181 is Back!

    IRC Section 181 is Back!

    As quickly as the movie stars posed for the cameras at the Oscars, the Congress approved the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (“TCJA”) and left 90% of taxpayers holding the bag in some low-income areas.However, unlike in ‘Once Upon a Time in Hollywood,’ taxpayers cannot do a reshoot if the first take is not outstanding. After almost two years, Congress may again decide to approve additional legislation within the 48-hour period, which may throw light on some of the issues that have arisen in Hollywood since the TCJA.What Is It About?If you have been following the spiel of the Section 181 Film Tax Deduction, you know that it expired at the... Read More

  • Tax – Equity Market Eagerly Waiting Carbon Sequestration Guidance

    Tax – Equity Market Eagerly Waiting Carbon Sequestration Guidance

    Carbonsequestration is the process of capturing andstoring atmospheric carbon dioxide. It’s one of the most promising methodsinvented in efforts to curb global warming.Well, this process occurs both naturally and because ofanthropogenicactivities. The United Nations Environment Programme andother environmental organizations, in response to worldwide concernsaboutclimate changeresulting from augmentedcarbondioxideconcentrations in theatmosphere, have drawn considerableinterest to the probability of snowballing the rate of carbon sequestrationthrough changes in land use andforestryand via reengineeringtechniques like carbon capture... Read More

  • Workplace Issues That Require Attention in Human Resource

    Workplace Issues That Require Attention in Human Resource

    Human resource management is related to the greatperformance of an organization. Successful companies often thrive with thepresence of a strong Human Resource department which is responsible for managingresource related issues to employees. This particular department has a lot todo with overseeing everything relating to improving and maintaining the humancapital of a company. Human resource management has its attention on issuessuch as recruiting staff, training and learning, compensation and benefits andorganizational development.Importantfactors that human resource focuses onThe running of a company can be faced... Read More

  • Benefits of a Positive Leadership Style

    Benefits of a Positive Leadership Style

    There are various roles that need to be played by a leader in any organization. A leader has very key roles that he or she has to oversee for the general running of the organization. Leadership styles were instituted to aid in the running of businesses and organizations. Effective leadership affects the whole business, company or organization. It is, therefore, clear that the type of leadership style implemented affects the whole organization.Ways in Which a Positive Leadership Style Benefits an OrganizationVarying leadership styles base their principles on certain issues. A certain leadership style may be directed at achieving employee... Read More

  • The Value of Compensation Salary Systems

    The Value of Compensation Salary Systems

    The aim of every employer is to have quality employees and to keep them for as long as possible. It has become very easy for employees to be poached to other companies and firms. It is, therefore, advisable for employers to ensure that they sweeten their employment packages to avoid this. Compensation salary systems are very essential in maintaining employees. Employees are attracted and willed to stay by what is included in their compensation salary packets.Compensation salary systems include the salary, equity, bonuses, benefits, and other non-financial compensations. It is also important for the concerned parties to design a system that... Read More

  • Guidance Issued on Employee Expense Reimbursement

    Guidance Issued on Employee Expense Reimbursement

    It is possible for employers to reimburse their employees for out of pocket expenses incurred on a tax-free basis, as long as the rules of an Accountable Plan are met. Furthermore, it is required that the reimbursement must have a business connection, this implies that allowances, advances, or reimbursements in the plan are restricted to expenses that qualify as business expenses. All this is under the code and that an employee pays or incurs in connection with the employee’s performing services for the employer. Also, employees’ reimbursed expenses are to be substantiated by the employees and any excess amounts paid are to be returned to... Read More

  • Employee Negotiating Strength

    Employee Negotiating Strength

    Negotiation skills value is increasing as employers value employees with negotiating skills more. The process of forming an agreement between two more parties that is mutually acceptable is a substantial work skill. Negotiation involves some compromises between the involved parties, and sometimes one party may have more leverage than the other.The ability to negotiate requires a lot out of a worker such as a collection of interpersonal and communication skills which when used together bring the desired result. Successful negotiation requires that the two or more parties come together, make ideal arguments and come up with a solution. These... Read More

  • How to Build A Successful Work Team

    How to Build A Successful Work Team

    Building a successful work team can be a tough challenge since everyone brings who they are to the table. People have different personalities and other factors like upbringing, prior team experience, past work experience, life and work goals which will directly affect their teamwork participation.Team members should possess qualities that allow high performance and dedication to planning, working and the completion of tasks necessary to move a firm forward. Collaboration is essential to building a business, and this makes teamwork inevitable in the workplace. When creating a work team, the first most common rule is to establish team... Read More



    The workplace administrators should have a tool or system which when implemented should help avert overpayment cases. Overpayment may occur due to duplicated transactions, ill-timed processing of unpaid leaves of absence, late terminations or job contracts not ended on time, administrative errors, work schedule hours not completed correctly, time reporting errors among other reasons. A proper anti-overpayment tool will help save the business a lot of money which in turn can be reinvested into the firm. The following are practices guides which will help build the best overpayment prevention tool or system.SupervisionYou should ensure that... Read More



    Today maintaining employee benefit is costly enough as it is, the probability of these costs rising is very high if a union gets a grip on your company. In fact these days it is so easy for unions to keep the start of a union drive silent. Unions are embracing modern technology such as texting, e-mailing or online connection with employees to organize union drives. You should train supervisors on early stages of union activities so that you can have a better handle as the management. Here are some of the common warning signs of union activities.Increased complaints You will find that employees’ complaints will increase for no apparent... Read More

  • Holiday Pay – How to Draft a Perfect Holiday Pay Plan

    Holiday Pay – How to Draft a Perfect Holiday Pay Plan

    Sometimes employees take time off from work, this might be due to various legitimate reasons, but they still have to get paid. As an employer, you need to come up with a sound measure of dealing with holidays at your business. Whether you are an employer or manager, here are some needs to know policies before drafting a holiday pay plan.Exempt employeesExempt employees are paid on a salaried or fee basis. The law requires that these employees are paid their regular salaries without interruption for business closure that extends less than one full week. Exempt employees should also not experience any disruption in their wages for holiday... Read More

  • ADA Guidelines -Website Accessibility for Disables

    ADA Guidelines -Website Accessibility for Disables

    The number of disabled persons in the world rests in an outstanding approximate of one billion. Due to such a high number, the United States formulate the American with Disabilities Act on June 26, 1990. In the States, about 26,000 cases of neglected people with disabilities fail to land jobs and sue companies. The revolution of the internet world creates a platform where people can seek job opportunities. However, disabled people can find it cumbersome to manoeuvre through it if it lacks some features.The Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA)President George W. Bush enacted the law on July 26, 1990. The Americans with Disabilities Act... Read More

  • Employee Payments Best Practices

    Employee Payments Best Practices

    To you, their salaries are just a line item in the budget. To your employees, they’re much more. Employee Payments can be very complicated process for some. If you don’t know how to pay employees correctly, you can run into problems with employees who don’t receive the pay they expect and with your state and federal employment laws. In this article, we’ll look at how to pay these employees correctly and what are the current best practices.There are two types of pay which an employer considers for their work:Wages and salary: Wages and salary are commonly known as base pay. Base pay is the foundation of total compensation because it... Read More

  • Keys to ramp up employee engagement at workplace

    Keys to ramp up employee engagement at workplace

    There is no doubt about it that there is a disengagement crisis at work, a tendency that has influenced employee engagement. The hard fact about employee engagement is that there is no copy-paste trick that will make your organization a better company to work. Establishing that kind of environment requires a lot of commitment, dedication, and mutual respect. Fortunately, you have reached the right place if you desire to ramp up employee engagement at your workplace. In this article, you will learn some keys for boosting employee engagement which will assist you to bring your team together and promote empowerment, engagement and enhanced... Read More

  • The Top Qualities Of Effective Recruiters

    The Top Qualities Of Effective Recruiters

    Recruiters have the tough job of sourcing high-quality candidates that meet business demands. But the main pet peeve of recruiters has always been their inability to onboard the candidate the hiring manager wanted. In today’s time its really important for hiring managers to know that there’s intense competition in the market for good candidates. We are seeing a candidate driven market for some skill sets and the best candidates always have choices. So if a recruiter is facing challenges closing a candidate they should let the hiring manager early on.   Recruiters usually care more about assessing a candidate’s... Read More

  • Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

    Sexual Harassment In The Workplace

    Sexual harassment is a disagreeableor an unacceptable act which causes a victim to feel like exasperated, embarrassed, and terrified. It arrives in many formssuch as verbal, physical, or written. It is considered to beassociated with the workplace when it occurs with someone at work, or while attending work-related events. An employer or HR manager should be able to rapidly resolve any concerns related to sexual harassment irrespective of whoever is the culprit or victim. Sometimes the victim of the harassment may not be able to communicate their issues to their supervisor but it does not mean that theyare accepting of such behavior. HR... Read More

  • The Pros and Cons of Performance Appraisals

    The Pros and Cons of Performance Appraisals

    There are a number of common appraisal methods to assess employee performance. However, each method has their own pros and cons. To determine which works best for your company, you have to first understand the methods of appraising performance. It is something that should motivate an employee to perform better. Here are some of the finer points in Performance Appraisals and their methods. Comparison MethodsThese are one of the oldest methods used for Performance Appraisals. The Multiperson Comparison method and Forced Distribution methods are two common comparison appraisal techniques. The Multiperson Comparative method compares each... Read More

  • How to Attract and Retain Female Talent

    How to Attract and Retain Female Talent

    The gender divide in the workplace today is still quite wide. Organizations struggle to understand how to source, attract and retain top female talent. It’s clear that recruitment practices need to change. Thankfully, big businesses are highlighting the gender balance issues at the workplace and taking the initiatives are the CEOs themselves. Here are some of the ways your organization can attract and retain female talent: 1. Create a work culture free of sexismCompanies should have documented policies against discrimination and sexual harassment. The work culture must truly embrace equality between men and women. This means... Read More

  • Can HR Help Prevent Active Shooter Incidents?

    Can HR Help Prevent Active Shooter Incidents?

    YES! Unfortunately, many employers only start considering implementing an active shooter policy when tragedy strikes like the recent Las Vegas shooting that killed 59 people. An active shooter situation is just one type of workplace violence your company could face. Most employers are better served by a general policy on workplace violence. Your policy should include these basic 5 key components:Prohibition of actual or threatened violence: It should be clear to all the employees of the company that those who lose their composure and threaten to injure others would be subject to severe discipline, up to and including termination,... Read More

  • Fall Protection Leads OSHA’s Top 10 Most Frequently Cited Violations for 2017

    Fall Protection Leads OSHA’s Top 10 Most Frequently Cited Violations for 2017

    The Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) recently announced its preliminary 2017 list of the 10 most frequently cited safety and health violations. OSHA announced the list in the 2017 National Safety Council (NSC) Congress and Expo held in Indianapolis. The goal is to inform the public of the standards most commonly cited for violations and allow employers to focus their efforts on those standards to make workplaces safer for employees.OSHA compiles this list every year based on around 32,000 workplace inspections by its staff. While this report covers general industry and construction, 4 of the top ten standards most... Read More

  • How To Attract Generation-Z To Your Company

    How To Attract Generation-Z To Your Company

    Adjustment to the work culture of millennials is no simple task. However, there is a new talent pool that recruiters should be watching very carefully as well. These are the Generation Z (AKA Post-Millenials) who have just graduated from college. Generation Z is comprised of young adults born between 1997 to 2010. They grew up during the bad times—the aftermath of 9/11, the succeeding terrorist attacks, the Iraq war, and the Great Recession. They witnessed people around them lose their jobs, their homes, and their savings. These experiences are ingrained in them.Gen-Z was born and raised at a time when the internet is already a great part... Read More

  • What Employers Should Know About FMLA After A Natural Disaster

    What Employers Should Know About FMLA After A Natural Disaster

    After the devastation from the natural disasters that were the recent Hurricanes Harvey and Irma, business owners should know how to remain in compliance with employment laws during a natural disaster. A major question is how the Family Medical Leave Act (FMLA) applies to a natural disaster like Harvey and Irma.Employees who want to take leave under FMLA due to a natural disasterFMLA doesn’t specifically provide protected leave for employees who want to take leave after a natural disaster. Therefore, it is vital that employers understand when and how employees can take leave.Employers can provide leave from their own employment policies... Read More

  • How to Create a High-Performance Workforce

    How to Create a High-Performance Workforce

    Organizations are known to be focused on basic talent management – finding, recruiting and retaining top talent. However, to be successful, they need engaged, high-performing employees. The key to finding and retaining employees who become a high-performance workforce is by aligning your performance management with continuous improvement and proactive management.Here are some methods that can help you out:1. Hire the best by creating a systematic and documented hiring process.Develop a job description for the potential hire describing their performance responsibilities.Make sure to define the outcome you want from the person you wish to... Read More

  • Is Overtime Rule Dead? Texas Court says its ‘Invalid’.

    Is Overtime Rule Dead? Texas Court says its ‘Invalid’.

    On Aug. 31, U.S. District Judge Amos Mazzant granted summary judgment and ruled that the Obama administration’s overtime rule is “invalid,” putting a near end to this controversial proposal from the Obama-era administration that would have made over four million new workers eligible for overtime pay.While an appeals court was busy debating the appropriateness of the injunction that initially halted the rule, a lower court judge reviewed the rule on its merits and found that the U.S. Department of Labor (DOL) did not have the authority to issue a rule that effectively eliminates the Fair Labor Standards Act’s duties... Read More

  • Skills HR Managers Will Need Now

    Skills HR Managers Will Need Now

    Recently, human resource managers had very few roles to play other than recruiting workers and offering them basic support to be able to work for them. Now in the current competitive world, the scramble to get top talent has HR managers looking for employee engagement, development, and retention. HR managers are hard at work to redesign processes helping to recreate an employee’s experience in the office. Here are the skills that apply: Understanding the Employee Journey: It is less costly to maintain customers than actually acquire new ones. Similarly, from that marketing perspective HR leaders should look into the entire journey of... Read More

  • 5 HR Processes Heading for Automation

    5 HR Processes Heading for Automation

    HR functions today are getting bogged down by tasks that could be handled quickly and efficiently by automation. On average, HR managers can spend a whopping two days a week on unnecessary paperwork!Companies are constantly working toward redesigning and simplifying almost all processes from recruitment, onboarding and rewards using automation. HR professionals have the option of automating repetitive and manual tasks that help improve efficiency and workflow.Here are some HR processes that can be automated :Employee RecruitmentIn HR, there are many time intensive manual tasks involved, such as creating and posting job adverts on... Read More

  • The Role of AI in HR

    The Role of AI in HR

    AI is a machine’s ability to mimic human capabilities such as learning, problem-solving, and perception. For HR, this is the application of artificial intelligence to the function in order to streamline or automate some part of the workflow. A recent survey found that 38% of enterprises are already using AI in their workplace with 62% expecting to use it by 2018. Though they can never quite replace the human element in human resource management, AI machines are gradually developing the right intelligence to do some functions of HR properly. These are:Candidate ScreeningAn intelligent AI screening software can go through a vast number of... Read More

  • Is Peer Pressure Undermining Your Success At Work?

    Is Peer Pressure Undermining Your Success At Work?

    Peer pressure at work is when employees tend to be overwhelmed by the quality or amount of work which is done by other fellow colleagues in the office. Sometimes when certain employees perform better in office, it leaves other co-workers with an inferiority complex. Since the performance of some employees at office work is better as compared to others, the management may start developing an inclination and bias towards them. Hence the other employees feel neglected and sometimes this employee competition has ill effects on the functioning of the team. Sometimes team leaders with bad intentions, tend to take away the credit for a particular... Read More

  • The SHRM Employee Benefits Trends for 2017

    The SHRM Employee Benefits Trends for 2017

    You are running a successful company and you have great employees on board. How do you keep them from quitting and joining another company? Here is where Employee Benefits come in!Business owners should provide some employee benefits so that their business has a chance for long-term prosperity. Heading the list of must-have benefits is medical insurance, a retirement plan, disability insurance and more. Tell an applicant no benefits are offered, and often top-flight candidates will head for the door. When you give employees the benefits they value, they’ll be more satisfied, miss fewer workdays, be less likely to quit, and would be... Read More

  • 2017 Trends for Hiring Managers and Recruiters

    2017 Trends for Hiring Managers and Recruiters

    To get ahead of the pack this year, it is essential to stay on top of emerging trends in the recruiting industry. Both recruiters and candidates will benefit from understanding how the landscape is shifting. The rapidly changing economic and political environment has created some uncertainty across several industries. Yet, while there are some forces we can’t control, we’ve outlined a few things we can expect for the hiring industry below.The Rise of Interactive InterviewsOne-on-one sessions, panels, and other traditional interview formats will still be prevalent. However, more interactive interview styles are rising in popularity that... Read More

  • Global Staffing Trends 2017

    Global Staffing Trends 2017

    The staffing and recruiting industry is the blood line for any workforce. In the past, companies that sought the services of staffing agencies have had a difficult time in finding the right group to serve their needs. With leaps in modern technology and the rise of social media, the staffing and recruiting industry had been able to implement effective strategies to reach their human resource and company goals.Recently, LinkedIn released its annual Global Staffing Trends report for 2017. It is based on 2,000 manager-level and above, search and staffing recruitment professionals from 35 countries. Some of the highlights of the report state... Read More

  • Low Skilled Jobs At High Risk Of Automation Or Being Offshored

    Low Skilled Jobs At High Risk Of Automation Or Being Offshored

    We all knew this day would be coming. A recent research was conducted by the Ball State University in the US, which has indicated that nearly half of all low-skill jobs in the USA are at risk of being offshored or replaced by automation in the next few years. Additionally, this has the potential to displace millions of American workers.The researchers profiled specific regional communities that have experienced negative economic cycles since the end of the recession. The research also found that job growth has been disproportionate and limited to a small number of metropolitan areas.Areas at the highest risk for off-shoring and automation... Read More

  • How the FMLA helps to Take Care of You and Your Family

    How the FMLA helps to Take Care of You and Your Family

    It’s a typical day at the office and you are swamped with work when the phone rings. It’s your next-door neighbor calling to tell you your father has been in an accident and has been hospitalized with a broken leg. He’ll be alright but won’t be able to take care of himself for some time. Right then you think who will take care of him after he leaves the hospital?Thanks to the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA), you have the option of taking care of him and spending time with him without the fear of losing your job while you’re away from it.The Family Medical Leave Act was signed into law in 1993 by then... Read More

  • 5 Tips To Stop Harassment In The Workplace

    5 Tips To Stop Harassment In The Workplace

    Workplace harassment is conduct, actions, behavior and statements made to or about an individual or a group of individuals, which creates an uncomfortable work environment. In order to have a safe and supportive workplace where employees thrive and ultimately contribute to a company’s success, preventive steps must be taken to stop harassment of all kinds! If you’re an employer subject to federal anti-discrimination laws, you have a legal obligation to provide a work environment that is free from intimidation, insult, or ridicule based on race, color, religion, gender, or national origin. Here are a few tips you can use:Your... Read More

  • 6 Strategies To Create A Diverse And Inclusive Workplace For Your Employees

    6 Strategies To Create A Diverse And Inclusive Workplace For Your Employees

    Google was trending in the news recently for creating a new offbeat resource towards inclusive workplaces. Bloomberg reported that its employees have started an informal internal weekly email list aptly named “Yes, at Google” which collects and sends instances of racism, sexism, sexual harassment and other unethical or unlawful activity at the tech company and its parent company Alphabet Inc. Since its inception in last September, the list has been subscribed by at least 20% of the staff at Google and Alphabet. According to a Google Spokesperson, management does know about this but has not halted it because it considers it as a... Read More

  • 6 Tips to Create Honesty in the Workplace for Success

    6 Tips to Create Honesty in the Workplace for Success

    “Honesty is the best policy” is one of the simplest and most renowned of philosophies but as adults, this becomes a much broader concept. It becomes a cultural paradigm covering trust, integrity, ethics and more in the workplace. Creating an environment of honesty and transparency in the workplace will only serve to help your organization succeed while fostering self-accountability and responsibility. The organization’s employees are happier and empowered to step up and fix any workplace issues. When you voice the truth management to employee or vice-versa will help to identify issues and work together as a team to resolve... Read More

  • Why HR is slow to adopt tech and what they can do about it

    Why HR is slow to adopt tech and what they can do about it

    A new HR study has been released by LIMRA, a research, consulting and professional development organization. It has found that a majority of employers ( about 70%) use technology for payroll, but only 24.5% use technology for other HR functions, like education, benefits, and communication. The study polled 1,403 private employers.It’s clear that employers aren’t leveraging the use of technology to the fullest extent possible. One great factor for employers (especially small companies) is the cost involved. We know that technology changes and evolves rapidly and employers need to catch up with said technologies. Employers do provide... Read More

  • HR and Employee Teamwork

    HR and Employee Teamwork

    “Teamwork” can be defined as the collaboration between members of a group of people with the task of accomplishing a defined objective or target. This can be further elaborated as:Collaboration between employees within or between departments, between employees in the entire organization, and between management and lower level employeesEmployee willingness to help each other in the course of performing their job rolescross-functional collaborationvertical and horizontal cooperationWorking together for mutual benefitResearch shows employee collaboration is a goal for most organizations and there are benefits of Employee... Read More

  • Identifying and Eliminating Toxic Workplace Behaviors

    Identifying and Eliminating Toxic Workplace Behaviors

    All workplaces work on one principle – teamwork. However, in reality, teamwork always takes a major hit when some workers act like buzzkills and hamper team spirit. Termination may seem like an easy solution to eliminate irksome employees, but there are other ways to deal with Toxic Organizational Behavior or TOB.Moreover, have you tried to put thought to the fact as to what really ticks-off a toxic employee?What creates a toxic employee? Workplaces are always imagined to have horrifying and domineering owners, but there is another kind of evil lurking in almost every workplace – employees who exhibit toxic and unappreciative behavior... Read More

  • Drawing the Line during Political Discussions at the Workplace

    Drawing the Line during Political Discussions at the Workplace

    The US presidential election will soon come to a close in November and what a showdown it will be between the Democrats and the Republicans. This election is probably the most talked-about election in the recent time and will continue to be a hot topic long after the election as well.While it is good for your co-workers to stay abreast about what is happening in the country, what should be the course of action when political discussions tend to creep into your workplace and ignite passionate minds?Political Chatter in the WorkplaceWhen it comes to politics, everyone has their own opinion. Sometimes, opinions get flared up by emotions and... Read More

  • Creating and Maintaining Company Culture

    Creating and Maintaining Company Culture

    “Organizational culture is the sum of values and rituals which serve as ‘glue’ to integrate the members of the organization.” — Richard Perrin“It oversimplifies the situation in large organizations to assume that there is only one culture… and it’s risky for new leaders to ignore the sub-cultures.” — Rolf WinklerThe core building block of every company is essentially a human being. Since almost every human being in your workforce contributes towards the running culture in the organization, it becomes essential to brandish your business’s image and values in a positive light to new and old workers alike. In most workplaces exist various... Read More

  • Payroll Mistakes That Cost Your Workplace Serious Money!

    Payroll Mistakes That Cost Your Workplace Serious Money!

    By Edupliance | 28th September, 2016Payroll calculation isn’t as tough as it used to be in older times. Today, with the myriad of payroll software available in the market, payroll calculation becomes a breeze, but miscalculations can always occur due to human error. What lazy and complacent payroll management professionals fail to understand is that one minor calculative error in payroll can bring the IRS knocking on your workplace’s door.Chances are that your business has already encountered many payroll issues when it was too late to realize them. In this article, we have compiled the most common issues in payroll calculation that not... Read More

  • Making Safety Training Sessions Engaging and Not Feel like Punishment

    Making Safety Training Sessions Engaging and Not Feel like Punishment

    By Edupliance | 12th September, 2016If you or some of your co-workers messed up during a critical workplace safety situation, chances are that your entire staff might be sent into a training program to address the shortcomings in your response time.This is where the catch is – different situations demand different trainings, but this does not happen. Not only do employees get bored by attending the same training all over again, this disciplinary action starts to feel like a punishment rather than an important lesson in safety.Why Do Training Exercises Feel Like Punishment To Many Employees?Research has shown that re-training tends to... Read More

  • Attract High-Quality Candidates with These Hiring Best-Practices

    Attract High-Quality Candidates with These Hiring Best-Practices

    By Edupliance | 8th August, 2016The hiring process is an art – you need the talent to be able to sift through stacks of resumes to find the best possible candidate for the job. But, the question arises, do you really need stacks of resumes to find a suitable employee? Not really.Interviewing and recruitment is part and parcel of the hiring process of a company, however, if done improperly, it can cost the company valuable time and also incur bad hire costs.The Typical Hiring Process – Mundane and OutdatedThe stereotypical hiring process begins with antiquated job descriptions, consulting consultancies, reviewing bucket-loads of resumes,... Read More

  • Steps on How to Curb Gender Bias Due To Performance Reviews

    Steps on How to Curb Gender Bias Due To Performance Reviews

    By Edupliance | 11th July, 2016According to a survey more than 68% of women agreed that gender bias exists in modern workplaces. Gender bias is not a new thing in corporate culture; women have been taking the hit in their careers ever since they stepped-out of just donning their household roles and decided to work in corporate arenas as well. In almost every workplace, there exists a huge gender disparity between female and male workers owing to male-dominated workplaces.Shockingly, the number of female CEOs in the Fortune 500 CEO list is just 22! Women leaders currently hold a dismal 4.4% of the total Fortune 500 CEO roles. This directly... Read More

  • How Employees Can Bring About Positive Changes in Organizational Culture

    How Employees Can Bring About Positive Changes in Organizational Culture

    By Edupliance | 13th June, 2016At the heart of each workplace, the basic building block is always the same – an employee.Employees should be encouraged to look forward to working every day in the company, not just because it’s their job, but because they love being there! Many business owners and entrepreneurs fail to estimate the power of a positive work environment which can be detrimental to success.So, What Exactly Is Organizational Culture?In short, organizational culture is the image of a brand or organization that it portrays to current and future employees. This culture stems from the core values, attitudes, mission and vision... Read More

  • Coach your staff and earn due respect at your workplace.

    Coach your staff and earn due respect at your workplace.

    By Edupliance | 6th May, 2016Have you recently been conferred with a managerial position at your workplace or are you a veteran manager at your business? Do you struggle to get the respect your position deserves?You are not alone! There are many managers who do not get the respect their position commands from their colleagues and subordinates. Do not get worried, there are slight changes you need to make in your attitude and soon you will be earning respect the way it is meant to be.How to Earn Respect without Bossing Your Staff? First of all, if you lack leadership skills, there is lots of scope to improve. Remember, this position has... Read More

  • Mental Illness – The Silent Killer!

    Mental Illness – The Silent Killer!

    By Edupliance | 22nd April, 2016Mental illness is a neurological condition, which causes a disorder in a person’s normal way of thinking or behavior.Many people around us, generally 1 in every 4 people are undergoing some kind of mental stress due to abuse, trauma or inherent disabilities. Some cases are:Affective disordersDementia and deliriumPsychotic disordersAlcohol and substance misuseAnxiety and somatoform disordersPersonality disordersSleep, eating and sexual disordersDue to such issues, they tend to get abusive, violent and can react abruptly to normal situations as well, disrupting peace around them and creating an... Read More

  • How to make an autistic person feel comfortable at your workplace?

    How to make an autistic person feel comfortable at your workplace?

    By Edupliance | April 15, 2016Autistic persons or people who suffer from a mental disorder are normal human beings. They just see the world from a different perspective. To eliminate bias and hatred against autistic or differently abled children and individuals, it is important to educate the masses about the endless possibilities autistic people are born with.To address the perpetual need for widespread public awareness and core education on Autism, it is important to provide the normally-born people with training and education to help them support individuals born with Autism and how to treat them with care and respect.What is... Read More

  • Precautions you should take before sending out your CV publicly.

    Precautions you should take before sending out your CV publicly.

    By Edupliance | 8th April, 2016A CV is like a short summary about your professional life. However, it also contains details about you that if fall into the wrong hands, may have dire consequences for you.Every professionally made CV contains personal details about you like your name, address, date of birth, schools and colleges you studied at, educational qualifications you possess and the list of businesses and employers you worked for in the past.In today’s cyber world, you should be very careful while posting your resume online. It is a perfect career strategy to find new job prospects by posting a CV online but any job seeker’s... Read More

  • Why Behavior Based Interviewing is the preferred choice for most employers?

    Why Behavior Based Interviewing is the preferred choice for most employers?

    By Edupliance | 9th March, 2016Times are changing and so have the methods of interviewing an employee for a job. Earlier on, only questions related to your core competencies and your previous experience were asked. If you got everything correct, you were hired!Now, it is the 21st century and interviews have taken a massive leap towards personalitybased questions rather than bookish knowledge. Candidates are questioned on the basis of the job’s requirements and not what they have already achieved. This method is called Behavioral Based Interviewing which forms questions on the basis of the candidate’s approach to the interview and his/her... Read More

  • The Power of VAWA – Violence Against Women Act

    The Power of VAWA – Violence Against Women Act

    By Edupliance | 29th February, 2016If you are a person who suffers from emotional, physical abuse or being stalked by someone, you have the right to invoke VAWA. VAWA protects people, especially women and children from crimes of passion, hate, terrorization and threats of deportation. Ever since VAWA was passed in 1994, it has induced positive change. USA is becoming safer each day thanks to the efficacy of this law.What is VAWA?The Violence against Women Act, commonly known by the acronym VAWA, is a law that promises to safeguard the justice and safety for Native as well as Immigrant American Women, Children, and sometimes Men from... Read More

  • How to boost productivity with appreciative advising

    How to boost productivity with appreciative advising

    By Edupliance | 16th January, 2016In today’s competitive world, it is imperative to ‘appreciate’ people directly in contact with you to boost their morale, social inclusion and to motivate them to accept peer support. Our relationships with people are what help them to shape the views they have for society. This is why we should help them feel positive and abide with positivity to form short-term as well as long-range plans to better shape their future. This is where Appreciative Advising plays the most crucial role.What is Appreciative Advising?Appreciative Advising in general refers to positive reinforcement of students, learners and... Read More

  • Dealing with a Workaholic in the Workplace

    Dealing with a Workaholic in the Workplace

    By Edupliance | 14th December, 2015Do you have a workaholic employee at your workplace? Do not confuse between hardworking people and workaholics!‘Workaholism’ is like an addiction very similar to drugs or alcoholism; it has negative affects which adversely affect the employee’s health and his family life as well. Moreover, it can, in most cases affect the quality of the work he/she is assigned to do.Who is a Workaholic?Employers love employees who are go-getters and complete assigned tasks within stipulated deadlines, but sometimes you might encounter employees who wish to work even more than they are required to do.This kind of person... Read More

  • How effective is background screening for new employees?

    How effective is background screening for new employees?

    By Edupliance | 29th October, 2015Background screening is the simple method of conducting qualifications checks for probable candidates before their final selection for a job post or executive position. It is similar to a background check done by law authorities while making legal documents, but in this scenario, only a few calls are made to past recruiters of the candidate to identify the authenticity of their claims.The prime goal of doing this screening is to adjudge if the worker/candidate is actually claiming the truth with respect to their formal education, work experience and other personality based aspects like insanity.Who Does... Read More

  • Best practices to keep your payroll-reporting vendor in check with Affordable Care Act.

    Best practices to keep your payroll-reporting vendor in check with Affordable Care Act.

    By Edupliance | 16th October, 2015Many companies are relying totally on their specific payroll software vendor to take care of the nitty-gritties of the Large Employer Mandate in the Affordable Care Act (ACA). This may sound simple, but it posing many problems for such companies because these vendors are not telling their client companies about the actual method of compensation tracking within the Affordable Care Act.What is Affordable Care Act?The Affordable Care Act also nicknamed ‘Obamacare’ is a law that puts the consumers in charge of their health care rather than giving it into the hands of companies, health departments and other... Read More