• How Block Chain Technology Becomes Helping Hand Supply Chain

    How Block Chain Technology Becomes Helping Hand Supply Chain

    HThe concept of blockchain technology was first introduced with the introduction of Bitcoins. It was later adopted by other crypto-currencies across the world such as Ethereum, Dash, and Monero among others. The idea brings about a form ofaccountability that does not require one to trust the system nor the providerbut the product itself. The same case has been applied within the supply field,and this is speculated to increaseaccountability and sales as well. However, first, it is important to understandwhat blockchain is and how it functionsexactly. Whatis Block Chain Technology? As indicated earlier on, the ideaof the... Read More

  • Quality Control, Safety & Construction Sites

    Quality Control, Safety & Construction Sites

    The key aim of any construction engineer or any project manager is to deliver quality work that is in line with the budget that was stipulated. Anything and everything that occurs in a construction site before, during and slightly after the project revolves at minimizing any added costs that were not budgeted for.A lot of things, however, could go wrong in a construction site. This could range from minor defects in the construction to accidents within the construction site and even the possibility of reconstruction due to failure to meet the required standards. Construction engineers, therefore, strive to ensure that the project runs as... Read More