• The Value of Compensation Salary Systems

    The Value of Compensation Salary Systems

    The aim of every employer is to have quality employees and to keep them for as long as possible. It has become very easy for employees to be poached to other companies and firms. It is, therefore, advisable for employers to ensure that they sweeten their employment packages to avoid this. Compensation salary systems are very essential in maintaining employees. Employees are attracted and willed to stay by what is included in their compensation salary packets.Compensation salary systems include the salary, equity, bonuses, benefits, and other non-financial compensations. It is also important for the concerned parties to design a system that... Read More

  • How the New GDPR Law Affects HR Personnels in USA

    How the New GDPR Law Affects HR Personnels in USA

    GDPR Rule Effect on HRAs the human relations specialist, you need to know what is happening within your organization at all times. In most scenarios, this means having everyone’s personal information. This information includes names, pictures, email addresses, bank details, among other others. However, as a professional also need to be careful when handling peoples information and this is where the GDPR comes in.The GDPR or the General Data Protection Regulation is all about keeping personal data safe. This is a regulation passed by the EU, which limits some of the things companies can do with personal data while at the same time... Read More