• Why Auditing and Monitoring are Essential for Business Systems

    Why Auditing and Monitoring are Essential for Business Systems

    Spendingextra finances on monitoring and auditing doesn’t sit in well with mostbusiness organizations. Most people running businesses do not see the need tomonitor and audit their business. On an already strained budget it is logicalthat some business do away with the whole audit and monitoring process. For thesmooth running of an organization or a business audits and constant monitoringneeds to be incorporated into the business. Anaudit is a means of evaluating the internal controls of a business. It is aimedat evaluating the business in terms of how it is run and the efficacy ofvarious business systems. There are numerous... Read More

  • Role of HR in Other Department

    Role of HR in Other Department

    HR departments have evolved from the traditional ‘hire and fire’ role to a more pivoted role in the company that involves the HR looking after employee engagement. The HR department links all the different parts of an organization together. As human resource managers organize people so that they can adequately perform work activities, they also create a productive, thriving workforce. HR handles the organization personnel since they implement tools like viewing people as human assets but not costs to the organization.An effective human resource department will give the company stature and all it needs to perfume effectively by managing the... Read More