• Work Enjoyment Helps Employee Retention

    Work Enjoyment Helps Employee Retention

    The focus of most modern dayorganization has been to reach beyond the normal provision of employeesatisfaction. Most of them are after an employeewho is more than satisfied within theirwork environment to increase the rates of performance within the organization.As is the case within most scenarios, this has led to an increased rate ofproduction, but in order to reach evenfurther height, organizations are after what people have come to refer to aswork enjoyment. Work enjoyment may be consideredas a form of job satisfaction that incorporates both formal job satisfaction and social job satisfaction. Companies havebeen after the... Read More

  • 10 Alarming Reasons Why Your Employee Turnover Might Go Out Of Control

    10 Alarming Reasons Why Your Employee Turnover Might Go Out Of Control

    Employees leave a workplace due to two primary reasons – you fired them or they quit. Nonetheless, their painful absence is felt the very next day when you again have to grudgingly begin a hiring process to replace them.In retrospective, if your business is turning up high employee turnover figures, the hiring process becomes really costly. Don’t you think something is going wrong somewhere? A research by CAP suggests that it costs around $3,000 to find a suitable candidate, hire them and train them for a job that generally pays $10-12 an hour. This suggests that you can make amends before things go wrong.Why Does Employee Turnover Go... Read More