• How to Create a High-Performance Workforce

    How to Create a High-Performance Workforce

    Organizations are known to be focused on basic talent management – finding, recruiting and retaining top talent. However, to be successful, they need engaged, high-performing employees. The key to finding and retaining employees who become a high-performance workforce is by aligning your performance management with continuous improvement and proactive management.Here are some methods that can help you out:1. Hire the best by creating a systematic and documented hiring process.Develop a job description for the potential hire describing their performance responsibilities.Make sure to define the outcome you want from the person you wish to... Read More

  • 10 Bad Hiring Processes You Should Steer Clear Of

    10 Bad Hiring Processes You Should Steer Clear Of

    Recruitment may seem like an easy operation, but it isn’t. A lot rides upon the fact that successful recruitment brings you a really desired candidate and an unsuccessful recruitment brings a candidate who you might want to get rid of or who is not aligned with your business processes.When a seemingly desirable employee goes rogue, he either gets fired or leaves on his own accord. However, a bad hire is not very cost-effective. Not only do you go back to square one with the hiring process, but you also are under more pressure now because the last hire went bad.So, what went wrong? Was the candidate really bad or was your hiring process... Read More