• Construction Project Management

    Construction Project Management

    Management of construction projects requires the understanding of modern management and the design of the construction process. It involves the daily running of a construction project from start to finish.The discipline of project management can be described as the process of directing and coordinating material resources and human labor during the life of a project by applying management techniques to achieve set objectives of scope, cost, time and quality.The day to day activities may include: working with architects, surveyors to develop a plan that elaborates on timescale, resources required and the cost of the project, coming up with a... Read More

  • Reducing Residential Segregation with Affordable Housing

    Reducing Residential Segregation with Affordable Housing

    Residential segregation in the United States is the physical separation of two or more groups into different neighborhoods, i.e. it generally refers to any kind of sorting based on some criteria of the population (e.g. race, ethnicity, income).While overt segregation is illegal in the United States, housing patterns show significant and persistent segregation for certain races and income groups. The history of American social and public policies, like Jim Crow laws and Federal Housing Administration’s early redlining policies, set the tone for segregation in housing. Trends in residential segregation are attributed to... Read More