• Impact of Skilled Labor Shortage in Construction

    Impact of Skilled Labor Shortage in Construction

    The construction industry has gone through a lot of rough patches since the recession (2007-2011) where a lot of workers were let go. Since then it has not been up its feet as recently more construction jobs are becoming readily available, but there is low skilled labor. This poses a significant challenge to employers since they want their projects completed but cannot find the right employees to do so. There many factors that are to be blamed for the labor shortage. But many people believe that the weakening of the union has been the significant factor that has helped weaken the numbers of construction skilled labor force. Here we will... Read More

  • Increasing Costs of Building Materials

    Increasing Costs of Building Materials

    The construction sector has been experiencing a surge of high prices in the period leading up to January 2018. The industry has also continued to experience high costs of building material in the past months. Trade groups have warned that tariffs on steel and other goods could send construction cost shooting even higher.Increased material costs imply that contractors are not making the proper amount of profit despite the increase in workflow. Despite the price increase and rising labor costs, suppliers of concrete and other materials have announced to increase their prices.Here you will learn more on the issue of increasing the cost of... Read More

  • Best Practice: Tracking of Increased Construction Costs for Proving Claims

    Best Practice: Tracking of Increased Construction Costs for Proving Claims

    Record keeping is one of the most important activity in any work in progress. They are important tools in the decision-making process. One is able to track the flow of resources, manage the business and maintain the business course. It is important to note that in execution of a construction project, documentation is an indispensable tool for the managers and other participants.Best Practices1.Reviewing cost codesOrganizations have distinct ways of tracking their expenses. Having codes makes tracking operations easy. However, in other companies, there are numerous cost codes with numerous granular details that they use for the same... Read More