• Productivity Loss Analysis

    Productivity Loss Analysis

    It is not enough to be just a job keeper and not perform. Waiting to get a paycheque should be a reward. The place of work should be driven by the efficiency that is seen in the achievement of the workers. Tangible results for the organization should be the reward for the employees. Productivity measures help in evaluating trends in technological improvements, wage levels and labor growth.ProductivityEverybody has a contribution to the economy either directly or indirectly. In this case, when somebody takes some time off from their work, they lose part of their income which is also translated in the economy due to lack of their input.  It... Read More

  • How to Create a High-Performance Workforce

    How to Create a High-Performance Workforce

    Organizations are known to be focused on basic talent management – finding, recruiting and retaining top talent. However, to be successful, they need engaged, high-performing employees. The key to finding and retaining employees who become a high-performance workforce is by aligning your performance management with continuous improvement and proactive management.Here are some methods that can help you out:1. Hire the best by creating a systematic and documented hiring process.Develop a job description for the potential hire describing their performance responsibilities.Make sure to define the outcome you want from the person you wish to... Read More

  • Decision-Making during Turbulent Times

    Decision-Making during Turbulent Times

    By Edupliance | 22nd August, 2016Abraham Lincoln, the former American president, is probably at the epitome as a ‘decision-maker’. He led his decisions like he meant them. However, in today’s world things are way too different. Due to various factors like evolving markets, technology changes, socio-cultural events, etc. challenging decisions are forcing us into deliberation – this is where the problem lies; many employees and company leaders are afraid to assume a leadership role for fear of decisions turning out wrong.Why Is Decision-Making So Stressful At Corporate Levels? Decisions are easy to make when they are not ‘life-deciding’.... Read More

  • How to boost productivity with appreciative advising

    How to boost productivity with appreciative advising

    By Edupliance | 16th January, 2016In today’s competitive world, it is imperative to ‘appreciate’ people directly in contact with you to boost their morale, social inclusion and to motivate them to accept peer support. Our relationships with people are what help them to shape the views they have for society. This is why we should help them feel positive and abide with positivity to form short-term as well as long-range plans to better shape their future. This is where Appreciative Advising plays the most crucial role.What is Appreciative Advising?Appreciative Advising in general refers to positive reinforcement of students, learners and... Read More