• Can HR Help Prevent Active Shooter Incidents?

    Can HR Help Prevent Active Shooter Incidents?

    YES! Unfortunately, many employers only start considering implementing an active shooter policy when tragedy strikes like the recent Las Vegas shooting that killed 59 people. An active shooter situation is just one type of workplace violence your company could face. Most employers are better served by a general policy on workplace violence. Your policy should include these basic 5 key components:Prohibition of actual or threatened violence: It should be clear to all the employees of the company that those who lose their composure and threaten to injure others would be subject to severe discipline, up to and including termination,... Read More

  • The Power of VAWA – Violence Against Women Act

    The Power of VAWA – Violence Against Women Act

    By Edupliance | 29th February, 2016If you are a person who suffers from emotional, physical abuse or being stalked by someone, you have the right to invoke VAWA. VAWA protects people, especially women and children from crimes of passion, hate, terrorization and threats of deportation. Ever since VAWA was passed in 1994, it has induced positive change. USA is becoming safer each day thanks to the efficacy of this law.What is VAWA?The Violence against Women Act, commonly known by the acronym VAWA, is a law that promises to safeguard the justice and safety for Native as well as Immigrant American Women, Children, and sometimes Men from... Read More