• Work Enjoyment Helps Employee Retention

    Work Enjoyment Helps Employee Retention

    The focus of most modern dayorganization has been to reach beyond the normal provision of employeesatisfaction. Most of them are after an employeewho is more than satisfied within theirwork environment to increase the rates of performance within the organization.As is the case within most scenarios, this has led to an increased rate ofproduction, but in order to reach evenfurther height, organizations are after what people have come to refer to aswork enjoyment. Work enjoyment may be consideredas a form of job satisfaction that incorporates both formal job satisfaction and social job satisfaction. Companies havebeen after the... Read More

  • How Online Learning Is Beneficial

    How Online Learning Is Beneficial

    Online learning has solved very many problems that the traditional form of education presented. Online learning has been spreading fast with the increased use of the internet. Certain disadvantages discourage people from taking up online courses. Issues such as the value placed on an online degree being less than that of a person that attended traditional college bring about a negative attitude to online learning.There are certain stereotypes that have been related to people who prefer online education. The most famous of them being laziness. All this is, however, not true. There are very many positive impacts that come about from online... Read More

  • Support employees to achieve better work balance

    Support employees to achieve better work balance

    This commonly used phrase is meant to emphasize the need for relaxation that later translates to better work output as Jack sits in a class. On the same line of thought it would be unrealistic to expect employees to provide their best in terms of work output while disregarding their home situations entirely. It is indeed true that the work place isn’t the most appropriate place to air one’s dirty laundry but feigning ignorance to whatever goes on in people’s lives will lead to a low work output as employees need to find the perfect work/life equilibrium.Everybody is going through life, it is the main aspect of being alive, and hence... Read More