45 Key Concepts of Coding and Billing - In Depth

Live Webinar

  • 60 minutes

After teaching coding, billing, and documentation for over 20 years I often find in mixed classes (providers, managers, billers, and coders) that most are not at the same level of conceptual understanding. If you do not know how to play your scales you can’t play jazz. If you don’t understand the basic rules of grammar you cannot write War and Peace. Coding and billing are no different. These are key concepts that managers and providers must be able to define and then comprehend their inter-relationship with other concepts. 

Join this session by expert speaker Jeffrey Restuccio, where he will focus on the clearly defining each concept and then answering the question “Why Do I care?”  What is its significance? Does it impact revenue, compliance, or clinical care? Is it simply a “pure coding” concept? 

Session Highlights: 

  • Define the full concept

  • Provide background (where is it found?)

  • Is it a coding or billing issue or both?

  • What is its significance (Why do I care?)

  • Examples of how it fits into the real world.

Why You Should Attend:                                                                                                    

In all of my current training, I recommend this course as the first one. Most new to the topics should review it multiple times. Some of these concepts are not found in any of manuals but are vitally important to every medical clinic.

Healthcare is complicated. There are a lot of interrelated moving parts. No matter what your level of experience, rules changed continually and even the most experienced coders and billers are faced with new information every day. This course fixes that problem by focusing on the key concepts in a brief but concise format.

Who Should Attend:

  • Managers

  • Family Practice

  • Internal medicine

  • Providers

  • Auditors

  • Compliance officers

  • Coders and billers

  • Providers CFO’s

  • Healthcare attorneys as well as new billers and coders.

  • Some concepts, like carrier-specific rules, the 50/50 rule of auditing or“casino insurance” are unique to this course and will be valuable for even the most experienced coder/biller.

*You may ask your Question directly to our expert during the Q&A session. 
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Jeffrey Restuccio

Jeffrey Restuccio

Jeff is a resident of Memphis, TN since 1980. He has two coding certifications: the Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) certified professional coder for physician (outpatient) reimbursement and the AAPC certified professional coder for hospital (inpatient) reimbursement.

Jeff has been a certified coder since 1999. Jeff has the unique combination of over twenty years of experience, Medical Coding Certification (CPC & COC), training experience (medical coding and billing) a strong background in databases and Information Systems, and an MBA in Finance. Jeff is an experienced educator and auditor, having conducted over 365 live training courses, worldwide on CPT and ICD-10 coding and billing. He is currently teaching coding and billing Webinars for numerous companies. Jeff has personally audited over 10,000 medical records. Over his career he has instructed thousands of doctors, coders and billers through the www.EyeCodingForum.com website.

Jeff’s focus is on coding and billing training, both online and onsite and chart audits for Optometry and Ophthalmology. Jeff has worked with hundreds of clinics as well as professional associations and optometry schools.

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