Analytical Method Validation Under Good Laboratory Practices (GLPs)

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     Apr 21, 2020
  •   01:00 PM - 02:00 PM ET
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Companies or employees either don't know exactly what GLP really means, or what procedures are required and how to implement GLP regulations. Lack of GLP knowledge is also an inspection issue as training plans should include basic GLP knowledge for everybody working in a GLP environment. If you do any work that will be reported to the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), or Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), your work must be done under GLP. All methods must be validated; the proof that they do what is claimed. Common criteria are accuracy, precision, linearity, range, and several more. Attend the seminar to get a good understanding on GLP regulations and get best practice guides and strategies for easy implementation.

Join this session by expert speaker John Fetzer, where he will discuss importance of Good Laboratory practices, practical tips on how to validate an analytical method under the GLP requirements, implementation, maintaining compliance.

Session Highlights:

In this webinar, the attendee will learn how to:

  • Method Validation

  • The criteria for a method

  • Statistical requirements

  • Documentation requirements

  • Maintaining Compliance

  • Common issues

Participants will understand - Is validation a regulated activity? When to pull the trigger for validation? Importance of suitability testing.

Why You Should Attend:

If you work in pharmaceuticals, chemicals and petrochemicals, and environmental analyses then you are mandated to be following GLP. One of the major tasks in GLP is validation of an analytical method. The methodologies that mean US Food and Drug Administration compliance with GLP require a separation to be able to separate and identify all major, minor, and trace components. It is no longer just determining a purity of the main component. Each minor contaminant or degradation product is also important in GLP.

This analytical method validation webinar will provide practical tips on how to validate an analytical method under the GLP requirements. It is recommended for laboratories that are under, or want to be under, Good Laboratory Practices (GLP).

Who Should Attend:

  • Lab Supervisors and Managers

  • QA managers and personnel

  • Analysts

  • Consultants

  • Teachers

  • Pharmaceutical Research

  • Pharmaceutical development

  • Contract laboratories

  • Lab Supervisors and Managers

  • QA Managers and Personnel Consultants

  • Validation Specialists

  • Chemists

You may ask your Question directly to our expert during the Q&A session.

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John C. Fetzer

John C. Fetzer

John C. Fetzer holds a PhD in analytical chemistry. He has developed methods in liquid chromatography, UV and fluorescence spectrometries, and in the determining the solubility and partition coefficients of chemicals. He supervised a GLP compliant laboratory for over a decade and has taught numerous short courses on compliance.

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