Bullying 101 - How Should School and College Officials Address the Issue

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  • 90 minutes

Addressing bullying in schools and college has become more difficult and more complex as more and more students use social media. In the past, a student could tease or bully another student in front of a dozen other students, but now with the latest technology, they can do so in front of an audience of hundreds at any time in the day! Schools and colleges are put in a difficult position and do want to address such bullying but may be limited by the First Amendment rights of the bully. 

In this session, expert speaker Timothy E. Gilsbach, Esq. will review the law regarding social media bullying in colleges and First Amendment considerations. Know what colleges can and must do to avoid potential liability from suits from the bully, the victim or both.

Session Highlights:

  • A review of what is considered bullying from a legal perspective

  • A look at what schools and colleges can, should, and cannot do about bullying allegations

  • A Look at how social media has made this issue more complex for school and colleges entities than ever

  • What limits does the First Amendment create for school and college entities in addressing bullying? 

  • What can school and college entities do even if they cannot discipline?

  • Is there liability for the failure to respond to discipline?

Why You Should Attend: 

  • We discuss what school and college entities should do when bullying allegations are raised 

  • We discuss discipline and educational issues that are raised by bullying and how school and college entities can respond to the same

  • We include a review of what limits there are in terms of how a school or college entity responds to bullying

Who Should Attend: 

  • Directors of Special Education

  • Directors of Student Services

  • College Psychologists

  • College Guidance Staff

  • College/University Student Life Staff

  • Regular Education Teachers

  • Building Administrators

  • Residential Directors

  • Deans of Student Affairs

  • School administrators involved in handling discipline related matters

  • Deans of Students and Faculty

  • Directors of Technology

Timothy  E. Gilsbach

Timothy E. Gilsbach

Timothy E. Gilsbach is an attorney with King Spry in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania and is member of the firm’s Education Group, concentrating his practice in the area of special education and other areas of education law. Tim defends school districts, intermediate units and charter schools in all phases of special education litigation, from state level administrative hearings to federal court appeals in special education matters. Tim also advised clients on a wide variety of other educational law issues, including FERPA, student records, student services, and employment matters. Tim is a graduate of the Pennsylvania State University’s Dickinson School of Law and Messiah College. Tim was selected as a Pennsylvania Rising Star in the area of school law from 2012 through 2014.

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