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  • 90 minutes

This course covers a wide range of CPT coding concepts with numerous interesting and informative examples from the instructor's over 15 years of experience and training over 1,000 certified coders. In addition, the presenter has practical knowledge in coding and billing teaching hundreds of live seminars worldwide. It starts with the basics such as manual symbols, place of service codes and the organization of the CPT manual. It then covers the highlights for every section of the CPT manual. Key areas include E & M, surgical guidelines, OB/GYNrules, modifiers, and the CPT appendices. The goal here is to impart to billers, management, and Providers the complexity and scope of the CPT manual using actual examples from each section. In addition, this course is a great introduction and review for medical coders. It does not require any prior knowledge of coding or billing.

The takeaway here is a solid foundation of CPT coding concepts with specific examples and how they relate to the bigger picture of compliance, accuracy, and reimbursement.

Join this session by expert speaker Jeffrey Restuccio where he will cover a wide range of CPT coding concepts with numerous interesting and informative examples from the instructor's over 15 years of experience and training over 1,000 certified coders.

Session Highlights:

It starts with the basics such as:

  • Coding conventions

  • ManualSymbols

  • Place of Service Codes

  • Claims form

  • Organization of the CPT manual

  • Indexorganization

  • key concepts such as:

  • The surgical package

  • Separate procedures

  • Add-OnCodes

  • Modifier51 exempt codes

  • CPTappendices

  • E& M key concepts

  • CPTSections

  • Anesthesia for OB

  • Anesthesiaconcepts

  • SurgerySection 10000 to 69999

  • SurgeryGuidelines

  • Integumentaryguidelines

  • Wound repair, closures, benign versus malignant

  • Musculoskeletal procedures

  • Cardiology and Respiratory procedures

  • Digestive system and endoscopies

  • urinary system

  • OB/GYNbasics

  • endocrine system

  • Neurology

  • Eye and Ears

  • Radiology

  • Path/Lab codes

  • MedicineSection

  • Psychiatry and psychology codes

  • Neurologytesting

  • Eartesting

  • Ophthalmologicaltesting

  • Other codes

  • Category II and III CPT Codes

  • CPTAppendices

  • Modifiers(CPT and HCPC)

  • Medicaremodifiers

  • Whatis not in the CPT manual?

  • Billing issues

  • CPT/ICD-9linking

Why Should Attend:

This course is the result of over 15 years of teaching coding and billing to providers, coders, billers and management. It covers all the basic concepts of CPT coding with just enough detail to make it meaningful and memorable. It is especially useful for non-coders or beginning coders. Many of the topics presented here are “must know” concepts that everyone responsible for coding should know. Most coding concepts courses are much shorter. This one covers dozens of concepts in over 90 PowerPoint slides.

Who Should Attend:

  • Billing manager

  • Provider

  • Practice manager

  • CFO

  • Billers

  • Beginning coders

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Jeffrey Restuccio

Jeffrey Restuccio

Jeff is a resident of Memphis, TN since 1980. He has two coding certifications: the Academy of Professional Coders (AAPC) certified professional coder for physician (outpatient) reimbursement and the AAPC certified professional coder for hospital (inpatient) reimbursement.

Jeff has been a certified coder since 1999. Jeff has the unique combination of over twenty years of experience, Medical Coding Certification (CPC & COC), training experience (medical coding and billing) a strong background in databases and Information Systems, and an MBA in Finance. Jeff is an experienced educator and auditor, having conducted over 365 live training courses, worldwide on CPT and ICD-10 coding and billing. He is currently teaching coding and billing Webinars for numerous companies. Jeff has personally audited over 10,000 medical records. Over his career he has instructed thousands of doctors, coders and billers through the website.

Jeff’s focus is on coding and billing training, both online and onsite and chart audits for Optometry and Ophthalmology. Jeff has worked with hundreds of clinics as well as professional associations and optometry schools.

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