Learn the Most Effective and Successful Cost Reduction Plan for 2019

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For supply chain, procurement, logistics and operations professionals’ one of the top goal is to reduce cost, while keeping other metrics such as on-time delivery, quality, productivity and safety at the highest possible level. Whilst the focus is there, it’s hard to find many cost reduction strategies.

So, what should you do?

While most business concentrate on increasing sales, reducing outlays, it is equally important to focus on cost reduction strategies when trying to attain profitability.

That is partially because profit margins come in several flavors and are often accessible in exceedingly multifaceted ways. While you cannot force your clients to spend more or pay more, you can control cost in most circumstances. The trick is knowing which cost reduction strategies to apply, and by how much. This webinar would help you to understand life hack of easy cost reduction strategies to expand your brand’s net profit margin by reducing common expenditures, without obstructing your activities, goals, or even slowing down your business’s ability to grow. Some are applicable to manufacturing business, but most of them could apply to ANY BUSINESS.

Join this session by expert speaker Dr. Muddassir Ahmed, where he will discuss practical strategies you can apply into your jobs to drive cost reduction and improve cash flow.

Session Highlights:

In this program, you’ll learn how to:

  • Inspirational Ideas to pick from if you stuck to drive down your total cost.

  • Real Business Tactics & Initiatives to Achieve Cost Reduction Goals

  • Understand Cost Reduction Metrics

  • Create a simple example of cost Reduction Plan – how you can combine everything.

Why You Should Attend:

Attendee will get:

  • List of 27 Cost Reduction Tactics, Strategies and Initiatives.

  • Real example of how to select cost reduction strategies

  • Real example of key cost reduction strategies I have used in last 12 years.

  • Real example of how to create cost reduction plan to meet your business goals.

Who Should Attend:

  • Anyone who is associated with Supply Chain

  • Procurement and Operations Management.

  • Mainly Design for Manufacturing, Distribution and Retail Businesses. 

  • Lean Manufacturers
  • Quality Engineer

  • Quality Auditor
  • Quality Manager

  • Reliability Engineer

*You may ask your Question directly to our expert during the Q&A session.

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Dr. Muddassir Ahmed

Dr. Muddassir Ahmed

Dr. Muddassir Ahmed is a blogger, researcher, strategist and speaker in Supply Chain Management, Procurement and Operations Management. Hi blog muddassirism.com is about all things to do with “Supply Chain Management”, Procurement and Leadership. Prime focus is to assist readers in “gaining knowledge” in operations world and help them making decisions and assist them to drive “Continuous Improvement” in the jobs and business they are in.

Dr. Muddassir Ahmed career involved with Supply Chain Management, Research in Management Science and have held senior leadership positions in Manufacturing (Electrical, Hydraulics & Textile) and ecommerce industries in Europe, Middle East & Pakistan

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