Creating an Effective Safety and Health Program for Risk Management and OSHA Compliance

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  • 60 minutes

Having an effective safety and health program will reduce workplace injuries and illnesses, while increasing the company’s revenue. Implementing a safety and health program will also decrease work stoppage and damage to material, machinery, and property.

Key Topics of the Conference:-

1.   The True Cost of an Accident

  • What goes into worker’s compensation premium calculations?

  • What are direct costs of an accident?

  • What are indirect costs of an accident?

  • What is the factor that creates most workplace accidents?

2.   Management Leadership

  • When top level management is involved and invested in continuous improvement in the workplace safety and health the employees will respond in kind.

  • All levels of management must be held accountable for maintaining workplace safety and health policies and procedures.

  • What are the barriers to management commitment and leadership?

3.   Worker Participation

  • Workers must be active participants in their own safety and health for the program to be effective.

  • Contractor and temporary workers must be involved in the safety system of the host employer.

  • What are the barriers to worker involvement?

4.   Hazard Identification and Assessment

  • What is a hazard? Who is a competent person and what is their role in hazard identification?

  • Procedures for worksite analysis must be utilized to identify hazards. What are some hazard identification tools?

  • What are some hazard assessment tools?

5.   Hazard Prevention and Control

  • What are the ways to control hazards?

  • What is a financial technique used to control hazards?

  • What is the hierocracy for hazard control?

6.   Education and Training

  • How can I find the OSHA requirements for training?

  • What are the host employer responsibilities for training temporary workers?

  • What are effective ways to develop, deliver and assess training?

7.   Coordination and Communication on Multiemployer Worksites

  • What standards include multi-employer coordination?

  • How do I identify hazards for temporary workers?

Who can Benefit from this Conference:

  • CEO or Company Executive

  • Compliance, Safety & Security Officer

  • Director of Risk Management

  • Director of Human Resources

  • Regulatory Compliance Agent

  • Risk Advisor-Insurance Companies

  • General Contractors

  • Process Technicians

  • Warehouse Managers

  • General Employees

Sheldon Primus

Sheldon Primus

Sheldon Primus is a Certified Occupational Safety Specialist with a Masters of Public Administration with a concentration in Environmental Policy. He is a trainer for the Certified Occupational Safety Specialist program of the Alliance Safety Council-Baton Rouge, LA. Sheldon is an authorized OSHA General Industry and Construction trainer for the 10 and 30 hour Outreach program.

Sheldon is the Owner/CEO of Utility Compliance Inc. and its subsidiary, OSHA Compliance Help, a safety consulting, operator training, and a regulatory agency compliance assistance company based in Port St. Lucie, Florida. Mr. Primus has represented clients in informal conferences with OSHA, conducted numerous compliance trainings, and developed manufacturing sector written programs.

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