Designing Great Workplaces with Culture and Purpose in Mind

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A company can be more successful if it has a great workplace and culture.  

Every manager of a business has to maintain a great environment so everyone can do their best at the workplace. Without a comfortable environment where employees feel they can do their job, we find dissatisfied employees and substandard performance at the workplace. Culture is the set of behaviors, values, artifacts, reward systems, and rituals that make up your organization.The top challenges that Employers face today are culture, engagement, and employee retention. As the economy picks up employees (particularly millennials) have more bargaining power. Through social media, a company's brand and images are now public information. This means that if your company is not a great place to work then people will find this out fast.   

So what can you do as a manager to create a great workplace environment with a positive culture and purpose? Join us in this webinar as expert Stephen Frey guides you how to design great workplaces with culture and purpose in mind. 

Major talking points:

  • What key issues matter to Millennials and other generations at work?

  • Why cultivating culture matters in building engagement, what’s at stake?

  • Capturing mission, purpose and values: The values-driven design process.

  • Emerging trends: Well-being, artificial intelligence, emerging technology, sustainability. 

  • Design process and strategy: How to work best with your organization and your consultants, achieve your goals and project success?  

  • Workplace design best practices and strategies examples:  A large and small project.

Learning Benefits:

  • You will come away with a better understanding of how and why workplace design can help cultivate company wide culture and purpose. 

  • By attending, audience members will come away with actionable new culture building and purpose driven design approaches to use in upcoming office renovation projects, ongoing facility operations and human resources management.  

  • Steve will share tips and tricks on how to best tailor a culture and purpose driven process to your organization and project delivery process with architects, planners and interior designers and other creatives.  

  •  You will be provided access to white papers, articles, and other materials

Who should attend:

  • Chief Executive Officer (CEO)

  • Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

  • Chief Marketing Office (CMO) 

  • Chief Human Resource Officers (CHRO)

  • Director of Facility Management 

  • Facility managers

  • Interior designers

  • Creative director 

  • Communications manager

  • Real Estate Property Manager

  • Real Estate Developer

  • Vice Presidents of finance, operations, human resources, facilities and manufacturing 

  • Architect  

  • Facility planner  

  • Owner’s representatives

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Stephen Frey (AIA – LEED AP)

Stephen Frey (AIA – LEED AP)

Steve is principal architect and owner at Arocordis Design in Montpelier, VT. The firm name springs from latin - Aro, to till, to cultivate and latin – Cordis, heart, soul and meaning which is the company’s mission. He practices high performance workplace, commercial and residential design. He is building a design practice notable for its values driven design process helping cultivate thriving organizations and work cultures. 

Noteworthy design work includes multiple projects for National Life based in Vermont, helping them modernize over 150,000 sf of offices and common spaces serving over 500,000 square foot complex. Other work includes projects for AllEarth Renewables, American Meadows, The City of Montpelier, Montpelier Public Schools, Rural Edge Affordable Housing. 

Formerly Steve acted as architect, project manager, and finally design director at Maclay Architects, an award-winning Vermont architecture firm from 2001 to 2010 where he had leadership roles in design on a variety of important commercial and institutional workplace projects among many others.   

To learn more about Steve and Arocordis Design, visit

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