Transportation Food Safety Standards for Shippers, Carriers and Receivers

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  • 60 minutes

While the FDA Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) rules for the sanitary transportation of human and animal foods require training for rail and road carrier transportation personnel, training is only the tip of the iceberg and does not certify carriers or shippers in food safety.

The company’s responsibility under FSMA is to assure that there are transportation standards established, a plan is in place to document and meet the plan, the plan is verified, and there is some proof that the sanitation and temperature controls in place work to eliminate bacterial, chemical and physical contaminants in order to prevent food from becoming adulterated during transportation processes. For most companies, the deadline for plan development and implementation has passed. 

In this webinar expert speaker, John Ryan will cover management, sanitation, temperature and traceability and prevention standards, procedures, some documents and sanitation and temperature controls that meet and validate sanitary food transportation rule compliance. 

Session Highlights: 

  • Understand the new FDA FSMA sanitary transportation requirements 

  • Develop a company transportation system to satisfy the FDA and control food safety in your operation 

  • Understand internal and external compliance requirements 

  • Work collectively to develop a valid food transportation preventive controls plan 

  • Know where to find all appropriate planning forms and documents 

  • FDA FSMA Sanitary Transportation Rule Requirements 

  • Management Standards 

  • Sanitation Standards 

  • Temperature and Traceability Standards 

  • Preventive Control Standards 

  • Documentation and Procedures 

  • Cell Phone Supply Chain Data Collection 

Why You Should Attend: 

Most companies are without the guidance or information needed to get them on track to become certified and fully documented in order to prove compliance. Shippers and carriers must establish, agree on, implement and document adherence to standards that comply with the FDA’s sanitary transportation rules. 

This webinar will cover food safety standards designed specifically for the perishable food transportation part of any company’s overall food safety plan. The standards were developed to fit neatly into most company’s food safety systems, are easy to understand and include a preventive component designed to answer the most critical FDA auditor question “How do you know your procedures work?” 

Who Should Attend: 

  • Food Transportation Managers 

  • Shippers, carriers and receivers of perishable foods 

  • CEOs, VP and Director Level Personnel in food companies impacted by FSMA 

  • Food Safety and Quality Team Members 

  • Quality System Personnel 

  • Operations and compliance personnel 

  • Documentation, data, management analysis and recall team members 

John  Ryan

John Ryan

Dr. John Ryan is a certified Preventive Controls Qualified Individual (PCQI) specializing in food safety process control and food safety plan validation.  He holds a Ph.D. in research and statistical methods and has extensive international manufacturing quality and operations experience in large and small manufacturing operations and he is a retired Hawaii State Department of Agriculture Quality Assurance Division administrator.  He currently operates two business divisions focused on food safety system validation ( and transportation controls ( 

He is the author of “Guide to Food Safety and Quality During Transportation:  Controls, Standards and Practices.” He has previously published books covering food fraud, teams and teamwork and has recently completed a new book on validating preventive controls in food operations.

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