FDA Changes for Food Labeling

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     Jun 18, 2019 - Jun 28, 2019
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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has started a public process to redefine the “healthy” nutrient content claim for food labeling. Learn How it will Impacts FDA Enforcement

The last time FDA defined the term “healthy” was more than 20 years ago. The current definition dates back to 1994, and a lot has changed in nutritional science since then. The government recently overhauled the Nutrition Facts label and updated Dietary Guidelines last year. Redefining the healthy claim is an extension of these FDA changes in food labeling. The webinar will explain the new FDA “healthy” claim for Food Labeling and promotion and likely changes. Webinar will benefit anyone in the food industry who’s interested in how use of the” healthy claim” will impact their products and their product labeling.

In this webinar expert speaker Norma Skolnik, will provide an update on the FDA’s recent public meeting, references to all relevant FDA regulations, guidance documents, and FDA websites for general nutritional claims and “healthy” claims, in addition to the regulatory insights.

Session Highlights:

  • Background to the current FDA regulations for a “Healthy claim” per 21 CFR 101.65(d)

  • The role of the new final rules updating the Nutrition Facts label

  • FDA’s reasons for wanting to redefine the term “healthy” in view of the evolving science and public health recommendations for dietary intake.

  • Beneficial nutrients and FDA’s view on how they relate to the definition of the term “healthy”

  • “Healthy” definition changes that we’re likely to see

  • FDA enforcement discretion if foods do not meet the specified nutritional requirements

Why You Should Attend:

The professional should attend to discuss the Current FDA Warning letters, FDA's changing views on cosmetic enforcement. Adverse Event Reporting for Cosmetics will be discussed with focus on how this will change under the Personal Care Products Safety Act.

Understanding food labels can sometimes feel like you're trying to crack a secret code. Manufacturers slap 'natural,' 'gluten-free' and 'fat-free' on food packages, but products may include ingredients that contradict their claims. This webinar will explain criteria for the new FDA 'healthy' claim for Food Labeling and promotion and it will cover laws and regulations for successful marketing and compliance of cosmetics in the U.S. It will help clarify what claims and product labeling are appropriate for cosmetics to market them successfully and avoid problems with FDA compliance.

Who Should Attend:

  • Regulatory Affairs Managers & Directors

  • Marketing Managers in the Food Industry

  • Food Product Development Managers

  • Product Managers at Food Companies

  • Lawyers Working for Food Companies or with the Food Industry

Ask your question directly from our expert during the Q&A session following the live event.

Norma Skolnik

Norma Skolnik

Norma Skolnik is currently a Regulatory Consultant with over 35 years of regulatory experience working with the pharmaceutical and dietary supplement industries. She was Director of Regulatory Affairs for the Americas for Cadbury Adams and Director of Regulatory Affairs for the Adams division of Pfizer before that. Prior to that she was Associate Director of Regulatory Affairs for the Warner-Lambert company and Associate Director Regulatory Affairs at American Home Products Whitehall-Robbins Division.

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