FLSA Compliance Training Bundle

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All-In-One FLSA Compliance Training 

The Fair Labor Standards Act or FLSA aims to safeguard white-collar employees and checks that they are fairly compensated for their hard work by a private or public employer after deducting applicable taxes for various factors like fringe benefits (health insurance, group term life, meals and lodging, deductions of overpaid salaries from future payments, vacation hours, etc.) 

Since it is pertinent for an employer to expressly specify in the payroll about what can and what cannot be deducted from an employee’s payroll, this webinar will ensure that you understand how to comply with the FLSA. Not only will you learn why maintaining diligent record keeping of payrolls is necessary, but you will also save yourself from landing into court.

This bundle includes:         

Learning benefits include:

  • Overview of the Fair Labor Standards Act

  • Summary of the Department of Labor’s (DOL) proposed changes to regulations defining the "white collar" overtime exemptions

  • Differences between the Exempt vs. non-exempt criterion for employees

  • Preparing for an FLSA inspection

  • Errors in misclassifying workers as independent contractors and their difference to employees 

  • Overview of penalties for misclassifying employees 

  • How to avoid non-compliance for misclassified employees You will learn the impact of DOL's final rule affecting current employee classifications considering: Culture, Expense, Scheduling, Employee morale, Documentation and Recordkeeping. 

  • Encourage and aid employers about likely ramifications of the FLSA changes such as: Federal and State Minimum Wage Requirements, Federal and State Overtime Requirements and concerns, Regular rate of pay for  Exempt vs. non-exempt. 

  • Trivia Questions and examples on how to prepare for potential impacts by reviewing: Current compensation practices, Organizational structures, and culture 

  • Best practices for seamless transitions 

  • Overview of new overtime exemption standards 

  • Minimum salary requirements for white collar and highly compensated employees 

  • Conducting internal audits 

  • Suggested policies and procedures to avoid misclassifications 

  • Analyzing and strategically addressing the financial impact of raising salaries vs. paying overtime to comply with the new minimum salary thresholds 

  • Meeting the standards to include bonuses, incentive payments and commissions as factors in worker's salary level 

  • Preparing for the 2020 automatic updates to the salary thresholds  

  • Case examples of why President Obama demanded new regulations 

Somer Jefferiss

Somer Jefferiss

Somer Jefferiss is a Certified Professional in Human Resources (PHR) through HRCI and practices law in the State of New Jersey and the 3rd Circuit District Court. Somer directs clients in HRIS, TLM and Payroll software configurations, combining her knowledge of federal and local regulations with software expertise. She advises and counsels management through all aspects of labor and employment law. She works as Counsel and Director of Compliance for Datamatics Management Services Inc. She works closely with company executives, HR professionals and labor management specialists to resolve legal and business issues employers face.

Somer assists employers in policy and process creation and leads management and employee trainings. With a specific focus on wage and hour law, Somer works with clients in various industries on drafting and implementing company policies and procedures for continued compliance. She frequently participates in and hosts training sessions and seminars throughout the country. 

Somer earned her Economics degree from the University of Colorado at Boulder and her Juris Doctorate from Willamette University College of Law. 

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