HIPAA and Patient Privacy in the Digital Age

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     Jun 10, 2020
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This webinar examines many dos and don’ts of health care facilities and their health care employees as related to HIPAA and patient privacy in the digital age.

HIPAA privacy rules serve to protect the health information of the patient from prying eyes, yet the digital age gives rise to new challenges with social media providing new avenues and ways for the unwary health care practitioner to violate HIPAA’s privacy requirements. This can occur by untrained health care workers at all levels of employment as well as careless, licensed health care practitioners.

Starting with a summary of basic HIPAA privacy protections and an analysis of the core elements of protected health information, this webinar gives practical lists for consideration on setting health care facility policy with regard to its employees and the use of social media in a digital world.

The webinar ends with an overall review of a draft human resources policy manual section on digital privacy that health care facilities and medical offices may use to govern its employees with regard to the use of social media.

Join this session by expert speaker Mark R. Brengelman where he will discuss basic HIPAA privacy protections, dos and don’ts of health care facilities, Permitted use of social media by health care practitioners, Tips and techniques and a checklist for using social media in compliance with HIPAA and more

Session Highlights:

  • The basics of HIPAA privacy requirements

  • The perils of confidentiality breaches in a digital age

  • Permitted use of social media by health care practitioners

  • Employer or health care facility rules governing employee use of social media

  • How social media violations may occur by health care practitioners

  • Whether the practitioner has authority over the patient and the patient’s use of social media

  • Tips and techniques and a checklist for using social media in compliance with HIPAA.

Why You Should Attend:

This webinar provides an overview of the core privacy requirements of HIPAA, the basics of which should be well-known and practiced by all health care practitioners. Then, the subject moves to patient privacy in a digital age, with an emphasis on social media activities of health care practitioners and employees. How is patient privacy impacted when the patient themselves is posting information on social media? Should a medical office or health care facility ban the patient from at least certain aspects of social media? Can the medical office or health care facility even do that?

This webinar thus provides a summary of those basic HIPAA privacy protections then goes into detail on the many ways a health care provider may run afoul of the privacy exceptions in a digital age.

Patient privacy notices will cover the practitioner’s use of phone calls, texts, e-mails, and mailings, as well as social media and business review sites.

Review the many issues presented when a medical office or health care provider sets an employment policy to maintain confidentiality in a digital age and whether the medical office or health care provider has authority over the patient, either directly or indirectly.

Who Should Attend :

  • Health care attorneys

  • Corporate compliance officers in health care

  • Health care practitioners who are covered entities

  • Law enforcement officers in health care compliance

  • Human resources offices and managers in a health care facility

  • Attorney

  • Compliance officer

  • CEO

  • CFO

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Mark  Brengelman

Mark Brengelman

Mark R Brengelman has worked as the assigned counsel to numerous health professions licensure boards as an Assistant Attorney General for the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Moving to private practice, he now helps private clients in health care in a wide variety of contexts. He graduated with both Bachelor's and Master's degrees in philosophy from Emory University in Atlanta. He then earned a Juris Doctorate from the University Of Kentucky College Of Law. In 1995, he became an assistant attorney general and focused in the area of administrative and professional law where he represented multiple boards as general counsel and prosecuting attorney.

Mr. Brengelman is a frequent participant in continuing education and has been a presenter for over thirty national and state organizations and private companies, including webinars and in-person seminars. These national and state organizations include the Kentucky Bar Association, the Kentucky Office of the Attorney General, and the National Attorneys General Training and Research Institute.

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