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     Nov 15, 2018 - Nov 23, 2018
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All-In-One Hiring and Onboarding Compliance Training 

These courses provide details on how to implement the best processes for hiring and onboarding pertaining to regulations/compliance, best practices etc.

This bundle includes:

Learning benefits include:

  • How to improve hiring practices 

  • Key reasons to incorporate LinkedIn into recruiting strategies 

  • Ways to establish an effective recruiter profile on LinkedIn 

  • Tips for leveraging your company’s LinkedIn page for recruiting 

  • How to utilize LinkedIn Groups as a recruitment tool 

  • Best practices for reaching out to passive candidates and referral sources via LinkedIn 

  • Leveraging LinkedIn features for recruitment strategies 

  • Holistic overview of paid recruitment advertising options and opportunities on LinkedIn

  • Why a list of ‘illegal interview questions’ to avoid is not sufficient 

  • What the protected characteristics are and why they are off-limits during the hiring process 

  • Common hiring process mistakes (to avoid) related to protected characteristics 

  • Examples of less-than-obvious off-limits topics based on real-world situations 

  • Best practices to avoid EEO-related risks and liability related to the hiring process

  • Clarification of what all the protected characteristics are

  • How protected characteristics relate to the hiring process

  • Brief overview of EEO laws as relevant to the hiring process

  • The basics of behavioral-based interviews Why traditional interviews are not suited for all jobs 

  • SOAR Fundamentals and how to apply SOAR in your interview 

  • Preparing for a behavioral-based interview 

  • 338 Behavioral based questions for practice 

  • Top 10 Tips for Interviewers 

  • 15 Key Competencies to Add to Your Job Description and Include in Interviews 

  • 34 recruiting ideas 

  • Understand source of interviewer rater errors 

  • How to link corporate values to employee selection 

  • Conduct thorough targeted interviews to maximize hiring success 

  • The secret formula to formulating the perfect Behavioral-Based Interview questions 

  • Learn how to remove subjectivity from hiring decisions 

  • Obtain a clear, concise and effective interview structure 

  • Making objective selection decisions based on responses to your behavioral interviewing techniques

  • The purpose and benefits of a great onboarding program. 

  • Understand the 5 key components of a best practices onboarding program. 

  • Understand the four “C’s”: Compliance, Clarification, Culture, Connection. 

  • Applying gamification to onboarding – why and how? 

  • How to structure a comprehensive onboarding plan? 

  • Five metrics to help measure effectiveness. How to build connections with new hires? 

  • How retention interviews support onboarding? 

  • Receive an assessment of your onboarding program. 

  • Receive coaching and mentoring questions to build engagement and loyalty. 

  • How to use technology to modernize your onboarding program 

  • Best practices for effective programs. 

  • Problems and pitfalls to avoid in building your program. 

  • Tips and ideas to make your program more effective. 

  • Coaching questions for retention and engagement. 

  • Onboarding program assessment. 

  • List of 50+ onboarding best practices.

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Mary White

Mary White

Mary Gormandy White, M.A., SHRM-SCP, SPHR is managing director of MTI Business Solutions (http://mtibusiness.com/), a leading corporate training/talent development firm working with clients throughout the U.S. She specializes in training, assessment and consulting services focused on building better workplaces through developing skills related to HR, management, leadership, workplace relationships, communication, team building, conflict management, employee selection and more.

Mary holds graduate and undergraduate degrees in Communication and her certifications include Senior Professional in Human Resources (SPHR), SHRM Senior Certified Professional (SHRM-SCP) and Everything DiSC® Certified Trainer/Accredited Workplace Facilitator, PXT SelectTM Certified Professional and The Five Behaviors of a Cohesive Team Authorized Partner. Mary’s professional background includes extensive experience in management, HR, instructional design and more. She is a frequent keynote speaker at conferences and association meetings nationwide.

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