How to Conduct Harassment & Bullying Investigation to Restore Harmony and Reduce Liability

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  • 60 minutes

Title IX and the U.S. Department of Education Office for Civil Rights requires that colleges and universities receiving a complaint, or otherwise learning of alleged harassment campus, investigate in a timely manner and take appropriate corrective action to end the harassment and prevent the misconduct from recurring. That’s a tall order to ensure just and fair handling of a harassment complaint - an essential order that campuses are required to follow. The investigation process is, perhaps, the most critical element in dealing with harassment. In cases that have gone to court, it is often due to inadequate or absent investigations of complaints.

Join this session by expert speaker Susan Strauss, where she will discuss the critical elements in conducting harassment investigations on campus including the requirement to draw a conclusion based on the investigation.

Session Highlights:

  • To identify what needs to be documented regarding the credibility of each witness, the target, and the accused

  • To determine the credibility of each interview and to document

  • How to draw conclusions and document

  • To include the critical elements of the investigative report

  • To include the most frequently missing elements from reports

  • To determine and document in the report the required follow-up actions

Why You Should Attend:

The courts have opined that workplaces, which include colleges and universities, must prevent and intervene on harassment complaints. Not only is investigating a prevention and intervention tactic, but the Title IX Coordinator or HR professional tasked with conducting an investigation should be trained in how to do so—this also demonstrates prevention.

Even if you have been doing investigations for years – if you have never been trained, how do you know if you are conducting them correctly to prevent liability, determine the accuracy of the complaint, corroborate evidence, determine credibility, and form an opinion? This program will cover the intricacies of conducting a harassment investigation.

Who Should Attend:

  • Title IX Coordinators

  • Human Resources Professionals, HR managers

  • University legal counsels

  • Title IX officers

  •  Public safety officers

  • Resident life professionals

  • All administrators who investigate and/or adjudicate sexual assault cases

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Susan  Strauss

Susan Strauss

Dr. Susan Strauss is a national and international speaker, trainer and consultant. She has worked as a psychiatric nurse and her undergraduate degree is in psychology and human services. Her specialty areas include discrimination, harassment, and bullying; management/leadership development, and organization development. She is a registered nurse and has functioned as a psychiatric nurse. She works as an expert witness for discrimination lawsuits. Susan also trains and consults with business, education, healthcare, law, and government organizations from both the public and private sector.

Dr. Strauss has authored over 30 book chapters, books, and articles in professional journals. She has been featured on 20/20, CBS Evening News, and other television and radio programs as well as interviewed for newspaper and journal articles such as the Times of London, Lawyers Weekly, and Harvard Education Newsletter.

Susan has presented at international conferences in Botswana, Egypt, Thailand, Israel, Bali, Beirut and the U.S. She has consulted with professionals from other countries such as England, Australia, Canada, Beirut and St. Maartin, Israel, Bali, and Middle East. She has her doctorate in organizational leadership, is a registered nurse with a bachelor’s degree in psychology and human services, a master’s degree in community health, and professional certificate in training and development.

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