Improved Reliability Culture in the Product Development Process

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  • 60 minutes

Most technology companies understand the importance of reliability when it comes to product development. The engineering teams are aware of primary testing tools and analysis methods. The problem with the implementation of reliability normally doesn’t come from engineering. It often comes from how culture and leadership are structured. The program goals of time to market, cost point, features, and reliability are rarely consistently held throughout the program.

The result is a released product that doesn’t meet the carefully crafted product specifications when in the customer’s hands. Through this webinar, Leadership will see how their actions affect product development in a new light.

Join this session by expert speaker Adam Bahret, where he will be introduced to new methods that will immediately enable them to have those crafted product specifications translate into matching highly reliable products.

Session Highlights:

  • Implementing a methodology called “Bounding.” Used in product development it will mitigate the likelihood of needing a post-release Recovery phase

  • This method is rooted in changing the operating and incentive structure for the team members with quantitative relations between investment in reliability tools and return to the program. Bounding ensures that all of the product goals remain present at all times

  • The “Focus Rotation” method drives shared ownership of all program and product factors. No longer will individual roles be aligned with a single goal

  • Historically this has manifested in Project Manager’s primary focus being schedule, R&D engineer’s focus being primarily new features and Reliability and Quality focused on DfR and DfQ

  • This strong role associated program goals create inefficient competition. The Focus Rotation methodology ensures the team holds the program and product goals in the same manner as the company

  • The Program Risk Effects Analysis (PREA) process creates a quantitative method to determine if the risk associated with a found reliability risk should be mitigated. It considers the impacts to the programs time to completion and high-level budget

  • Factors considered on the risk side are projected warranty cost and impact to anticipated sales, including customer satisfaction

  • The program side considers the impact on the sales due to extending the time to market, the potential elimination of planned features, and high-level program cost

Why You Should Attend:

The audience will learn how to improve management of reliability tools in the product development process. Insight and methods pertaining to culture, process, and program will be discussed. This session will also help you to understand how to get High Return on Investment in Reliability Tools through Improved Culture. Will explain to you the Reliability Culture Bounding Methodology for Improved Product Development

Who Should Attend:

  • CEO’s

  • VP’s

  • Directors

  • Project Managers

  • Engineering managers

  • The audience is so broad because the tools improve how they work together in an improved culture

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Adam  Bahret

Adam Bahret

Adam is the founder of Apex Ridge Reliability Consulting Services. He is a Mechanical and Electrical Systems Reliability expert with over 20 years of experience in product development across many industries. He has worked extensively with reliability program strategy, accelerated testing methods HALT/HASS/QALT/ALT, system reliability measurement and improvement, FMEA, ALT, DOE, Reliability Growth, predictive analysis, education programs, and organizational culture and practices. He has specialized experience in medical, robotics, consumer electronics/appliances, Ion Implantation, and Diesel Systems. Adam has an MS in Mechanical Engineering from Northeastern University, is an ASQ nationally certified reliability engineer (CRE) and a senior member of IEEE. More information on Adam and Apex Ridge Reliability can be found at

Apex Ridge Reliability is a reliability engineering consulting firm. Our mission is to provide tailored reliability engineering solutions to our customers that advance their products in the market. All we do is Reliability Engineering. Companies like Amazon Boeing, Boston Dynamics, Keurig, and Hyundai hire us to make their new products reliable and improve their existing products. We do this in two fundamental ways. We work with the engineering team to make sure they understand and implement reliability tools in the product development process. We then work with the organizational leaders to create a reliability culture that ensures the business gets the maximum ROI from these practices.

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