Linking Techniques In-Depth on MS Excel

Pre Recorded

  • 75 minutes

Understand and apply the power of linking techniques within Excel and other key MS Office applications to boost productivity and efficiency for you and your organization.

Object Linking and Embedding (OLE) makes content that is created in one location or program available in another program. Using MS Excel you can link or reference to other cells in a worksheet or other worksheets, external workbooks, external files, and pages on the internet or your intranet, a valuable and marketable skill. Dynamic links ensure changes in source data, graphics and charts etc. are reflected in all “dependent linked” files. Mastering the linking of information using MS Excel and MS Office is a valuable skill.

Join us for this informative and value-packed 75 minute webinar with your team to boost efficiency and maximize your ‘return on investment’ in MS Office.

Session Highlights:

  • Link between Excel worksheets and external files

  • Relative Vs absolute references

  • Complex formulas linked to external data

  • Formula auditing

  • Update linked values

  • Change link source

  • Open a source file

  • Break links

  • Link information and graphics between Excel, Access and other programs

  • Hyperlink to other workbook cells, external files, and web pages


  • Comprehensive step-by-step Learner Guide

  • Exercise files

  • Demonstrations

  • Practice exercises

  • Productivity techniques, tips, and shortcuts


  • Use data more efficiently and effectively

  • Ensure improved data accuracy

  • Improve job satisfaction, team performance and professionalism

  • Impress your management, peers and clients

  • Advance all co-workers using MS Office to a consistent standard

  • Maximize your technology investment performance


Any person or organization seeking to significantly boost efficiency, productivity, job satisfaction and effective use of their technology investment. Particularly personnel in the following fields:

  • Accounting

  • Banking

  • Business Analysis

  • Economics

  • Finance

  • Insurance

  • Investment

  • Management

  • Statistics

  • Valuation

Roman Kondratiuk

Roman Kondratiuk

Roman Kondratiuk has delivered expert training and consulting, through beginner to advanced levels, to over 10,000 end-users in a wide range of Microsoft applications including Excel, PowerPoint, Access, Project, Word, Outlook, Visio and Publisher. Roman’s professional and relaxed style reflects his thorough understanding of adult learning principles and is demonstrated through his range of classroom, seminar, workshop and online delivery services and instructional materials.

Roman has qualifications in Management, Training and Accounting and consistently receives outstanding evaluations from his clients who include multi-national corporations and large government organizations. Having a strong practical focus, his proven experience extends to project management and LEAN business improvement. His recent projects have delivered over 250% return on investment in savings and efficiency gains to government.

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