Motivating an Ageing Workforce (Without Alienating Everyone Else)

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  • 60 minutes

Learn how to motivate your aging workforce, and help younger managers manage them with effective training programs and the use of retention best practices.

Older employees are as talented as the new ones; all they need is motivation to keep working harder. Don’t start offering early retirement to the older employees in your workplace just because they are getting old. Instead, start motivating them the right way with incentives and rewards that actually matter to them in order to avoid an unnecessary employee turnover.

Please join us to learn how to implement effective motivation and retention best practices for your older employees. You will also learn how different they can be from the motivational techniques you may be applying to younger employees.

Key Features of the Conference

The baby-boomer generation isn’t retiring in droves as originally expected. Older workers are currently the fastest-growing workforce demographic in our nation. Surveys by AARP (American Association of Retired Persons) reveal that over 40% of senior workforce employees prefer to work for longer periods of time. The US DOL (Department of Labor) also suggests that by the year 2020, almost 55% of the entire workforce will be aged 55 and above.

However, leading a workforce that has a blended age span might be cumbersome for younger managers. With the right motivational approach, you can help all age groups to better co-exist with each other in the workplace.

In retrospect, the techniques you may be applying on younger employees to motivate and retain them, may not apply on senior employees. These techniques will prove to be ineffective and might even demotivate such employees because they work because they want to, not because they need to. Most senior members surveyed, plan to “work until they drop”, which is why you shouldn’t let them go, especially if they still want to work for you.

This session by expert speaker Val Grubb will help employers learn how to motivate, reward and retain older employees by understanding what benefits older workers can be given. This way, you can keep them better engaged, and continue receiving maximized output from them.

The session will also discuss Key Topics such as:

  • Motivating: What older workers can be motivated about in comparison to younger employees and what kind of incentives and retention programs work best for each age group along with self-paced training

  • Engaging: Techniques for getting 100% effort from long-time employees

  • Change: How you can adjust your motivation approach in order to help different generations of workers to embrace constantly evolving changes in your company’s working style

  • Best Practices: Examples of effective senior employee retention from companies around the world

  • Interactions: Steps HR professionals and managers can take to help multi-generation employees communicate with each other with ease and how they can work and grow with each other without any alienation of interests

Bonus Coverage

  • How to retain older workers

  • Managing misperceptions amongst all generations

  • Training opportunities/Knowledge transfer for seniors

  • Adapting internal programs to meet employees of all ages

  • Best practices from companies including CVS Caremark, BMW, US Office of Personnel Management, Westpac and ThyssenKrupp

  • 10 low-cost to no-cost ideas for motivating across the generations

  • The role of HR in understanding how to retain senior employees of the company

  • The role of Managers in motivating elder employees

Who Can Benefit From This Conference?

  • HR Professionals 

  • HR Generalist

  • HR Trainers & Supervisor

  • Employee Development Professionals

  • Senior leaders

  • Trainers & Supervisor

  • Anyone who anticipates a promotion into a management role 

Val Grubb

Val Grubb

Val Grubb is a sought-after Training Expert and Panelist and has held leadership roles within major corporations including the Oxygen Channel, NBC Universal, Rolls-Royce and IAC. Her expertise on handling personnel issues with minimal disruption are a big hit with her audience. She regularly speaks on promoting back-office functionality in a variety of industries by boosting interpersonal communication, forming cohesive teams, developing efficient employees and promoting long-term organizational growth.

Currently, she is the Principal of Val Grubb & Associates Ltd. of which she is also the founder. She graduated with a mechanical engineering degree from Kettering University and also holds an M.B.A. from the Indiana University Kelley School of Business where she serves as an active member of the Dean’s Advisory Council. She has recently published a book on her experiences about travelling with her parents in a book called Planes, Canes, and Automobiles: Connecting with Your Aging Parents through Travel.

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